The United States said that Russia will not intimidate them, and they will fly, swim and act wherever possible

March 15 – BLiTZ. According to <a rel=”nofollow” href=”″>TASS</a>The US has said it does not want a direct clash with Russia. At the same time, as Ned Price, head of the press service of the US State Department, noted, Washington intends to “fly, swim and act wherever international law allows.” In this regard, Price noted that “the Russians will not be able to intimidate” the United States.

Such revelations of the State Department were a response to the incident with an American drone that fell into the Black Sea, which retreated after Russian fighters flew up to it. The American drone performed too complicated a maneuver, as a result of which it crashed into the sea.

Washington played out the incident with the Reaper drone over the Black Sea back March 15, 2023 at 20:40

Price noted that potentially such incidents could lead to a direct clash between the United States and Russia, but Washington would not want this.

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