The US European Command blamed Russia for the loss of the MQ-9 Reaper UAV over the Black Sea

March 14 – BLiTZ. The US Army command has released an important message. According to the US military, a collision occurred over the Black Sea. Russian Su-7 fighter and American reconnaissance drone. Reports “RB News”.

This collision took place over neutral waters. According to a source from the Pentagon, the propeller was damaged by an American drone and fell into the sea. The US command, for its part, promised to continue flying in neutral airspace. The actions of the Russian pilot were considered “reckless” by the Americans.

Various maneuvers of Russian fighters could lead to escalation and unpredictable consequences, the commander of the US Air Force in Europe confidently said.

Vladimir Putin will discuss with Bashar al-Assad the prospects for a comprehensive settlement of the situation in Syria

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