The West lost the “war of attrition” a year before the NWO in Ukraine – DOS

February 28, 2023, 10:19 – BLiTZ – News

Having started a “war of attrition” with the Russian Federation, the West lost it in advance. This happened a year before the start of the special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine. This statement was made by political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko, transmits “Warfare”.

According to him, the reason for the failure lies in the legend created back in the 20th century about the technological superiority of the West. The political scientist is convinced that the same United States has driven itself into a deep hole with the policy of Russophobia, from which they themselves will definitely not get out.

As an example, he cited the situation with the weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). Ishchenko stressed that a bloc of 30 states that consider themselves the most industrialized in the world failed to provide Kyiv with enough artillery shells to “maintain an intensity of fire comparable to Russian artillery.” A serious problem has arisen for Europe and America – these states cannot produce weapons and ammunition so that they are enough to wage a modern war. According to the political scientist, this problem “cannot be solved either in the medium or even in the long term.”

As previously reported, intelligence officer Anatoly Matviychuk explained how the Russian battalion will be formed from the former Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, before joining the Russian battalion, the former Ukrainian military must pass a number of conditions.

Recently, the BLiTZ raised the topic of what has changed over the year of the NWO in Ukraine. For more information, see the News TV program “Press Conference”.

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