The world’s expectations have increased from India, PM Modi said these big things after returning from the trip to three countries


PM returned home after visiting three countries Narendra Modi said today that I used every moment during my six-day foreign trip for the betterment of the country. Earlier, Bharatiya Janata Party workers and supporters warmly welcomed the Prime Minister. Addressing people gathered outside Palam airport to welcome him, Modi said not only Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and office-bearers of the country’s ruling party, but also a former prime minister and opposition member were present during the Indian community event in Sydney. Were.

Expressed concern over the activities of Khalistan

In talks with his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday apprised him of India’s concerns over incidents of attacks on temples in Australia and activities of Khalistan supporters. Both sides also set a target of finalizing a comprehensive trade agreement by the end of this year. After wide-ranging talks between Modi and Albanese, the two sides also signed a Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement to open up opportunities for students, academic researchers and businessmen and prevent illegal migration.

Support for India’s bid for permanent membership in the Security Council

The two leaders also witnessed the signing of the Terms of Reference of the Australia-India Green Hydrogen Task Force. This will help in finding opportunities to accelerate the production and use of clean hydrogen. Australia also supported India’s bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council. The Prime Minister said that world leaders know that what they say is the voice of 140 crore people of India. He said that there are challenges before India to strengthen its roots. Along with this, India is also working towards reaching new heights as the world expects from it. The challenges are huge, he said. But it is in my nature to challenge challenges. He expressed confidence in front of the excited crowd that his government would be able to fulfill these expectations in time. He said that global expectations from the country are increasing.

Received honor for sending Covid vaccine

Modi talked about the respect given by the people of the Pacific island countries during the visit and said that these countries also expressed their gratitude to India for the Covid-19 vaccines sent to them during the pandemic. Targeting those criticizing the government’s decision to send vaccines abroad, the Prime Minister said, “Remember, this is the land of Buddha, this is the land of Gandhi.” We care even for our enemies, we are a people driven by compassion. He also emphasized that the world is keen to hear the story of India. He said that Indians should never suffer from “slave mentality” while speaking about their great culture and traditions and should instead speak with courage.

PM Modi went to Japan to attend the G-7 summit

The Prime Minister said that India has impressed the world by the way G-20 delegates have been welcomed in more than 150 meetings held across the country. The leaders and others I met, he said, appreciated India’s commitment to the G-20. Was very mesmerized to have presided over in such a splendid manner and it has been appreciated by all. It is a matter of great pride for all Indians. Significantly, Modi went to Hiroshima, Japan to participate in the G-7 summit. He then traveled to Papua New Guinea, the first for any Indian prime minister to visit the Pacific island country, followed by a visit to Sydney at the invitation of his Australian counterpart.

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