The writer admitted that her sex became more passionate after giving up alcohol

March 7 – BLiTZ. In the Dialy Mail edition, journalist and writer Clover Strode told how giving up alcohol made sex with her husband more passionate, and the relationship was trusting and warm. Strode also said that she has improved relationships with all her five children.

Strode used to indulge in a glass of wine in the evenings, but recently that has changed. As the writer says, menopause, combined with a hangover, is a terrible cocktail that will make any angel irritable. Over the past months, the woman stopped taking alcohol, and replaced her cravings for alcohol with hot baths and chocolate.

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And right now, the woman notes that conversations with her husband have become more sincere, sex has become more tender, sensual and passionate, and the woman does not even think about returning to alcohol.

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