There are four generations together, a complete family of 32 members


Rae Bareli, May 11 (Hindustan Times). ‘Family’ is the most important unit in making the society alive. From the time of Adam till today, man finds himself in the most secure family. Despite this, families are continuously shrinking and ‘joint family’ has become a thing of the past. Due to changing lifestyles and stiff competition, joint families are fast breaking down and the number of nuclear families is on the rise. However, in the midst of all this, many such families are still raising a hope. Hindusthan Samachar tracked down such families and spoke to their members in detail.

Ratipal Shukla, a resident of Najanpur village of Unchahar in Rae Bareli, is 85 years old and his four generations live together in the same house. Among the 32 members, all are small and big and live together after their respective work. Elderly Ratipal Shukla has five sons and one daughter. Elder son Amresh Shukla is about 65 years old, while the daughter is 63 years old who is married. Other sons include Rajesh (61) who is retired from the army. Rakesh (58) is a businessman, Ramesh (53) is a writer and Jitendra (50) is a businessman. All these brothers have a complete family.

Amaresh has three sons and two daughters. Out of which three are married, Prashant, Bittu and Suryansh of the fourth generation in this family also live together in this family. The second son Rajesh has two sons and one daughter, two of whom are married. Rakesh has four sons out of which one is married. Ramesh has five daughters, the youngest brother Jitendra has two daughters and one son. Including all the members, 32 members live together.

The head of this family, Ratipal Shukla, says, ‘He is very happy with the whole family being together, everyone’s work is different, but by living together, everyone is a part of each other’s happiness and sorrow.’

importance of joint family in scriptures

A detailed explanation has also been given in the scriptures regarding joint families. According to Pandit Jitendra Dwivedi, ‘Joint family has been called the best educational institution in the scriptures. The peace and prosperity of a home that does not support the joint family is just an illusion.’According to Acharya Ramsundar Garg, the scriptures have clear ideas about the family and all the rituals of the Sanatan tradition begin with the family, in which everyone is born. Which opens the doors of happiness, peace and prosperity with the help of duties, rights and obligations.

Joint family in the opinion of psychiatrists

Nuclear families are on the rise due to increased competition and perceived freedom. Psychiatrists also explain the breakdown of joint families behind the increasing trend of suicide. Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Ratnesh says, ‘Responsibilities are divided in a joint family, due to which the mental and financial burden is reduced. Apart from this, there are many things which require mental support which is not at all possible in a nuclear family. This gives birth to tension, frustration etc.

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