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From the moment of the announcement about the address, made on Monday morning, until the time when the president of the state began his speech, through the minds of the citizens who follow the public agenda, several assumptions about what the president was going to announce certainly passed, one by one.

The fact that Maia Sandu’s address was unexpected added salt and pepper to the wait. In some places it was speculated. Someone made a bet as a joke. And it’s very likely that nobody won. We expected everything: the announcement of Plahotniuc’s detention, for example, or the unraveling of an important nest of propagandists, the announcement of new security measures, even the announcement of joining NATO, etc. The president, however, surprised us.

After the long introduction, which, as it progressed, created more and more confusion regarding the subject of the address, the president invited “the people” to the “European Moldova” National Assembly. A murmur of disappointment went through the hall…

Of course, the Great National Assemblies are a special symbol in the history of our people. Thanks to them, we carved out a new path, even if it was with rags. Betting, however, on icons to enter a European future is a decision that must, at least, be questioned.

The idea of ​​the “National Assembly of Citizens” “to tell the world that we are Europeans and that this is the path we have chosen” causes me discomfort, when I know that we had so many occasions when we could have gone out in PMAN and shown that we are Europeans, as Europeans do: through protests, when we disagree with the decisions of the authorities or their inaction, when our rights are violated, when we want more and better than we are given.

And then, we had rallies organized by those in power. And in the USSR, and very recently.

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