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Tiina Jauhiainen trying to establish contact with Princess Haya


Tiina Jauhiainen trying to establish contact with Princess Haya

Suraiyya Aziz

The self-proclaimed rights activist Tiina Jauhiainen, who reportedly was plotting to kidnap Sheikha Latifa Bint Al Maktoum immediately after the Dubai Princess could reach any of the Western nations, has been making frantic bids in contacting Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein. Tiina’s desperation in somehow drawing the attention of Princess Haya is clearly proved from her tweets.

It may be mentioned here that, Princess Haya fled Dubai as she fell in love with her British bodyguard. It is reported in the British media that after divorcing Sheikh Maktoum, Princess Hays is willing to marry her boyfriend and begin a “new life”.

Meanwhile, media offensives against the Dubai ruler has started in full swing, while the United Arab Emirates are clearly confused about their next course of action or measures in countering such propaganda. Princess Haya has started the propaganda eyeing on the July 30 hearing into the divorce case in Britain’s High Court.

On July 10, 2019, Foreign Policy published a report titled ‘The fairy tale is over for Dubai’s royal family’. In this report, Ola Salem wrote “Everything about the story of Haya bint al-Hussein has always been remarkable. The half-sister of the current Jordanian king, Princess Haya has long been the most publicly visible and widely known of the six wives of Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. She was often seen by her husband’s side at regional and international functions, greeting dignitaries and delivering speeches—all highly unusual for the wife of a Persian Gulf ruler”.

The above report is harshly critical on the Dubai ruler and the UAE royals.

Until now, Qatari media Al Jazeera though has been extremely cautious while mentioning anything related to Sheikh Maktoum and Princess Haya case, it is anticipated that the media would now become offensive on the Dubai ruler, as Jordan has suddenly stepped forward in deepening relations with Qatar.

Qatar-owned Al Jazeera news network has been noticeably ignoring the latest reports circulating the international and Arab media over Princess Haya and her escape from the UAE to London, seeking asylum and a divorce from her husband, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the ruler of Dubai.

When this newspaper first published the news about Princess Haya’s fleeing Dubai and going to Germany, most of the people have termed it as rumor or gossip. But later, the matter was confirmed by the British media.

There is a question in the minds of everyone, who are aware of the cases of Sheikha Latifa and now Princess Haya stating why Tiina is desperate in establishing contacts with Princess Haya? The answer is simple. Tiina Jauhiainen has earlier succeeded in making lots of money from Sheikha Latifa and now she thinks, Princess Haya would be even a better tool for her in making millions by blackmailing the Dubai ruler.

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