Tiina Jauhiainen working for UAE intelligence

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A large number of people, who has some knowledge about the United Arab Emirates say, this country is no different than any of world’s worst dictatorship. This country often uses its affluence to mast the government’s serious human rights problems. It is learnt that the authorities in the UAE arbitrarily detain, and in some cases forcibly disappears individuals who criticize it and its security forces face allegations of cruelty in custody, including torture, rape and numerous forms of intimidation tactics. In 2016, a new anti-discrimination law had further jeopardized free speech as it includes references to gender and sexuality. Authorities denied access to the country to activists who criticized its mistreatment of migrant workers.

Female workers from the foreign nations regularly face extreme adversities, including physical and sexual abuse by their employers and it is even reported that in most cases, wealthy individuals in the United Arab Emirates treat the foreign female workers as mere sex slaves.

Despite such a terrible record of human right violation and cruel dictatorship, Finnish national Tiina Jauhiainen has no problem in working with UAE State Security (USS), the spy agency of the Emirates.

It is still a mystery as to how Tiina Jauhiainen, a Finnish trainer of Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira managed to attract the attention of the Dubai royal family and had subsequently been employed to teach capoeira to Princess Latifa Bint Al Hussein as well as few other female members of the family. She has been receiving an amount equivalent to US$ 15 thousand per month for this job and had a rented apartment of her in Dubai.

Exposing Tiina Jauhiainen

Ever since leaving Dubai in 2018, Tiina Jauhiainen has been repeatedly lying to the media. On March 31, 2018, during an interview to Helsinki Times, Tiina said, “Sheikh Muhammed can get you anywhere in the world”, meaning, she actually was trying to frighten everyone to make sure, no one ever utters a word against the Dubai ruler centering the Princess Latifa case.

She told the reporter of the Finnish newspaper stating,Sheikh Mohammed is one of the most powerful people in the world and he can get you even in Finland”.

Tiina told the Helsinki Times that she was beaten, detained, threatened with death, and forces to record a “false confession” and was released after being warned that she would not be “safe even in Finland if she dared to speak out” [about what has happened centering Princess Latifa case].

Tiina had bluffed the Finnish and international media

When contacted, Hervé Jauber, the former French-American Naval intelligence official and a firsthand witness of the entire episode told Blitz, while Princess Latifa, he and other crews of the yacht were brutally tortured, Tiina Jauhiainen was untouched. He said, “Tiina was the only person who was not even touched by the Dubai authorities”.

What does that mean? Tiina Jauhiainen is a damn liar.

In her interview, while Tiina Jauhiainen said the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum can get her even in Finland [and anywhere in the world], isn’t is a mystery that despite her continuation of campaign demanding freedom of Princess Latifa and even running of a website, the United Arab Emirates authorities or their mighty intelligence agency did never even touch her?

The mysterious Tiina Jauhiainen

It is beyond the knowledge of anyone who knows the name Tiina Jauhiainen that she actually is an agent of UAE State Security, the spy agency of the country. Tiina was recruited by the agency under the disguise of a Finnish trainer of Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira and was allowed to freely mix with the female members inside the palace, including Princess Latifa, who had earlier attempted of fleeing Dubai.

 The UAE authorities plotted the drama of fleeing of Princess Latifa and they had held a series of secret meetings with Tiina Jauhiainen before the Princess finally fled the country and got caught in the yacht. The reason behind this plot was to use the fleeing of Princess Latifa and her being brought back as a warning to other members of the royal family to know, they can never flee the country. Even Tiina Jauhiainen’s statement saying “Sheikh Mohammed is one of the most powerful people in the world and he can get you even in Finland”, was actually dictated by the UAE State Security (USS) to leave a strong message for anyone in the world to know, anyone doing anything against the United Arab Emirates can be nabbed by “one of the most powerful” person in the world. While people took Tiina Jauhiainen as a simple and even kind-hearted person, they never realized – she actually was a paid agent of the UAE secret service.

It was Tiina Jauhiainen, who had plotted the so-called fleeing of Princess Latifa and she was notifying the members of USS on a regular basis and even was passing video footage of her meetings with Princess Latifa at her Dubai apartment.

Prior to leaving Dubai, Tiina Jauhiainen recorded a video message of Princess Latifa, which she handed over to USS while she also sent another copy to her own brother in Finland. This was the only case where Tiina Jauhiainen had betrayed the UAE State Security.

When the boarded on the vessel, Tiina Jauhiainen was secretly sending messages to USS via email as per her plan with this security agency.

Following Princess Latifa’s return to UAE, while all of her companions were tortured and threatened, Tiina Jauhiainen was enjoying the hospitality and was paid an amount equivalent to US$ 250 thousand as a reward while she also was promised monthly payment.

Although Tiina Jauhiainen was pretending to be working and campaigning for the “freedom” of Princess Latifa, in reality, she has always been under communication by her handler from the USS.

Tiina Jauhiainen never felt tensed

Most suspicious part is, when Tiina Jauhiainen was driving an SUV to transport Princess Latifa to Oman, she was photographed smiling from the driving seat. For any individual, it was beyond question to smile when she was driving the Princess in her vehicle and would be in extreme trouble once intercepted or caught by the UAE security or law enforcing agencies. But, Tiina Jauhiainen could smile, just because she was fully aware no one was going to stop her vehicle as they had plotted the so-called rescue of Princess Latifa only after they were in the yacht. Although Hervé Jauber is a former French-American Naval intelligence official, he could not even slightly smell the dubious activities of Tiina Jauhiainen and her connection with USS.

It may be mentioned here that, the State Security agency is the secretive, elite law enforcement & intelligence service of the UAE. Its roles and duties are as follows:

Gathering and analyzing domestic and external intelligence in the interests of national security

Providing special operations capabilities including counter-terrorism

Close Protection of Royals and Government Officials

Special escort services

Surveillance & covert operations

Maintaining law and order during national events

Capture, elimination or arrest of dangerous and armed persons

Riot control and management

Protection of key sites and buildings

Providing a quick reaction force to domestic threats

Providing specialist support to the Federal Police through tactical capabilities.

Tiina Jauhiainen spent a huge amount of cash on travel

Following her return from Dubai, Tiina Jauhiainen has travelled to a number of countries including Australia, India, Finland, England etc., and each time she was spending lavishly. It is another confusion as to wherefrom she was getting such a large amount of cash for meeting her travel expenses. It is believed by the intelligence experts that Tiina Jauhiainen was most possibly meeting her contact at the USS in some of the third countries and to cover up those meetings, she was travelling to some other countries.

Tiina Jauhiainen laundered huge amount of money into Spain

According to information, although Tiina Jauhiainen has purchased an apartment in Spain at Apartment 14 PJ Poblat Tipic, First floor, Door 6, Zip code 17487, Castello D’Empueries, Girona, Spain, there is no record available with the Spanish financial institutions about the fund she had brought into that country.

According to a source, Tiina Jauhiainen had laundered the entire amount for buying the property.

Another disturbing fact is, although Tiina Jauhiainen is a Finnish national, she has been living a posh life in Spain, whereas she does not have any visible source of income.

Seeking anonymity, a source in the Spanish intelligence agency told this correspondent that they already were initiating an investigation into the matter of money laundering by Tiina Jauhiainen and would check as to how she had purchased the property.

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