To Princess Haya, Maktoum is ‘cold as dead’

Mustafa Ali Noor

Yet another twist in the case of Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein. While the international media have already reported of her ongoing romance with Russell Flowers, a former British Army infantry soldier, a credible source claims – the perverted princess is already distracted with Flowers and has started romancing with a Russian-French man named Nikolai. Princess Haya met Nikolai in London a couple of years back during a banquet where they chatted briefly. Later they began exchanging DM through Twitter and subsequently became closer and the conversations shifted to another secured apps named Jitsi Meet.

It is further learnt that Russell Flowers started distancing himself from the desperate princess when he recently realized, it is impossible for him to cope with a fabulously wealthy princess once they get married as she would then start losing interest in him and would look for the next lover. To at least two of his childhood friends, Flowers confessed his relations with Haya to have been purely on physical attraction as the princess was mainly liking him for all those “fabulous” physical relations and “high orgasms”. He said, “She is like a wild horse who would kill the man if he cannot satisfy her sexual urge. It’s very hot in the bed and sometimes it seems she would kill me if I failed”.

Flowers said, “Haya loves every form of sex – vaginal, anal and oral. But during oral, she is notorious and cruel. She would sit on your mouth and force you to lick her and drink her fluid. Her thighs would grab the face and sometimes it is totally suffocating. I couldn’t even breath and thought to have been dying. But she didn’t spare me. It’s more like torture – she loves to dominate the physical stuff”.

Princess Haya, who has physical relations with dozens of men since her very younghood is unimaginably mad for sex. Russell Flowers even compares her with those porn actresses and those sex-seeking whores in New York City’s 52nd Street or Holland’s brothels.

A Filipina maid, who has spent over eleven years inside the Dubai palace said, “Princess Haya had never been happy with Sheikh Maktoum as he was not her “Mr. Perfect” in the bed. She was always sad and looking for the opportunity of finding someone who could give her orgasms. She has a collection of various types of vibrators, which she uses during most of her lonely nights. She even heavily tipped one of her very trusted maids for operating the vibrators and giving her multiple orgasms. You don’t believe how hot she is unless you have seen that”.

The maid further said, Princess Haya had lived with the Dubai ruler just for the reason of extracting money from him. Sometime in anger she would mumble – he is (Maktoum) cold as dead.

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