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Tracking trails of the fugitive killers of Bangabandhu PART-IX

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Tracking trails of the fugitive killers of Bangabandhu PART-IX

For the past couple of years, investigative team of Blitz has been running comprehensive research and information-gathering, with the goal of tracking the trails of the fugitive killers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. As part of our investigation, we have gathered vital information from several credible sources, including some intelligence sources. Based on these data, we are publishing this serialized investigative report. This is the fourth part of a series of investigative articles, where we eventually have succeeded in finding the current locations of a number of the self-proclaimed killers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Aisha Gaddafi called for the liberation of Palestine through jihad, then was interested in the African situation, saying that “Palestine will not be liberated while the Arabs are asleep”. The lawyer joined the defense team of the Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, in 2000, and headed the Libyan delegation on the first flight to Baghdad, where she met Saddam, with the aim of “breaking the air embargo imposed on Iraq since 1990 by the United Nations”.

She told the media at the time: “We did this trip without anyone’s permission, because this visit represents moving from one room to another inside one house, so there is no need to take any permission to do so”.

The British newspaper Sunday Times reported that in 2000, the colonel’s daughter gave a speech in the Speakers Corner in Hyde Park in London to support the Provisional IRA, and her intervention constituted a violation of diplomatic protocol and led to a state of security alert.

When asked about her support for the IRA in 2010, she stated, “I have always been supportive of the liberation of all movements,” as well as the Iraqi resistance, saying, “When you have an occupying army coming from abroad, raping your women and killing your people, it is legitimate to fight them”. In 2011, she strongly denounced the policies of the Secretary of State in that time Hillary Clinton and former US President Barack Obama, calling for mediation in the Libyan civil war through an international organization to exclude them.

She established an association called ‘Aisha Charity’, before changing its name to ‘Wa’tasimou Charity’, to become a way for her to participate and struggle in political issues that she would like to intervene in, such as the Palestinian case.

In December 2020, the media exposed a letter of Aisha Gaddafi, in which she said: “When NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) bombed my country and demolished Bab al-Aziziya, we fled to Sirte because it was my father’s hometown, but the traitors followed us. We fled to Bani Walid, which it resisted a lot, and the tribal members, there, promised us that they would die for us (…)”.

We told my father that it is up to him to decide where to go and that we agree with him without hesitation. He said: I go to Algeria; I have not seen any harm for fifty years! In Algeria you will live free. And he continued: “Algeria will not hand you over to NATO and NATO will not dare to enter it, I am sure!! Algeria has possessed a comprehensive deterrent weapon since 1973, which it was available for Arab countries during the October War against Israel”.

“But the Arab traitors informed America and Israel about this, which made Algeria deny it!

A source close to the Gaddafi family denied to the Russian news agency ‘Sputnik’ that Aisha was the one who wrote the letter. The source said: “This text is full of lies. Anyone who knows the events of Libya in 2011 knows that this message is wrong”.

Aisha Gaddafi (also spelled as Ayesha Gaddafi) knows, Khandakar Abdur Rashid is having several billions of dollars of her father, which he was supposed to invest in business projects. She also is aware of Khandakar Abdur Rashid’s intimacy with the Pakistani intelligence. According to a credible source, Aisha now wants at least US$ 2 billion returned from Khandakar Abdur Rashid, which she plans to invest in a number of business ventures, including couple of posh hotels in Oman and Qatar.

End of Part IX

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