Travel and children’s cashback will not return in 2023

The tourist and children’s cashback program will not return in 2023, or will be seriously revised, Izvestia was told at the Center for Strategic Research (CSR), the council of which is headed by the Minister of Economy of the Russian Federation Maxim Reshetnikov.

“Tourist cashback is an industry support measure that was in place during the coronavirus period in 2020-2021, as well as in 2022 after the start of the NWO. To date, the extension of the cashback program is not provided – including due to the fact that the tourism industry is showing growth, ”the CSR explained.

They added that restarting the program in its current form is irrational, since “the federal budget deficit requires tougher prioritization.” At the same time, this does not mean a complete rejection of this effective anti-crisis tool, and a return to it is “potentially possible”.

The Ministry of Economic Development reminded Izvestia that the budget for 2023-2025 does not provide funds for tourist and children’s cashback programs. They also noted that cashback was a temporary anti-crisis measure.

“Already now (and without cashback. – Ed.) bookings for tourist vouchers and vouchers for children’s camps for the upcoming seasons are actively going on,” the Ministry of Economics explained.

According to the director of the Department of Socio-Economic Research of the Center for Strategic Research, Mikhail Gordeev, the tourist cashback program “in the foreseeable future” can be restarted as a tool to support poor Russians.

“The program’s focus only on low-income recipients will reduce inflationary risks: in previous periods, there was an increase in prices due to the fact that even those who would have traveled without it received cashback,” Mikhail Gordeev believes.

The Alliance of Russian Travel Agencies (ATA) also told Izvestia that the tourist cashback from the action “for everyone” can turn into a social one. They suggest that, for example, participants in the NWO in Ukraine and their families will be able to claim compensation for part of the cost of the voucher.

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Finished: tourist and children’s cashback will not return in 2023

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