Trichologist spoke about the consequences of blow-drying hair

Using a blow dryer can cause damage, dryness, and a duller color to your hair, while drying it naturally can also damage your hair. This was warned by a cosmetologist, trichologist at SM-Cosmetology Victoria Oshchepkova in an interview with Izvestia on Tuesday, February 21.

As the specialist clarified, the outer shell of the hair (or cuticle) consists of dense keratin and horny scales. It is the density of their fit that is responsible for the shine, strength and strength of the hair. At the same time, the main impact of such an external factor as high air temperature just falls on the outer shell of the hair.

“As a result of drying hair with an intense air flow and high temperature, the hair cuticle is often damaged, loosened due to the formation of microcracks and microholes, the hair becomes porous, and therefore becomes dull and no longer so strong,” Oshchepkova explained.

In addition, as a result of exposure to high temperatures, the hair loses water, which is its important component. Hydrogen bonds that hold the fibers together are broken, all this leads to dryness of the hair shaft. As a result, the appearance of split, brittle and dull hair, which more often also changes in its color, the trichologist warned.

“It should also be noted that if the hair is not properly dried with a hairdryer, the temperature effect also occurs on the scalp, this also leads to its dehydration, dryness, irritation, vasodilation and disruption of the hydrolipid film of the skin, additional stimulation of the sebaceous and sweat glands in this area. As a result, various kinds of dermatitis of the scalp may gradually appear, including seborrheic, dandruff, and as a result, hair loss, especially in predisposed persons, ”the doctor noted.

However, she also drew attention to the dangers of prolonged drying of hair naturally or in a wet towel. So, in the state of the sea, the hair is too stretched and even more vulnerable to mechanical damage. In addition, in a humid warm environment, the opportunistic flora of the scalp can become pathogenic and begin to multiply, leading to an inflammatory process of a bacterial or fungal nature.

Oshchepkova gave some tips to help avoid these consequences. So, the specialist recommends using the minimum or average temperature parameters when drying with a hairdryer. In addition, it is important to monitor the air flow of the hair dryer: it should go along the length of the hair, and not in the opposite or transverse direction. This will help close the horny scales in the hair cuticle. It is also necessary to keep a distance of at least 15–20 cm from the hair dryer.

At the same time, the doctor advised not to forget about care products for the prevention of damage and splitting of hair, in particular, thermal protection.

“If all these conditions are met, you can avoid many unpleasant moments and keep your hair healthy and beautiful, even if you have to use hair dryers on a daily basis,” added Oshchepkova.

On February 15, dermatologist and trichologist of JSC “Medicina” Olga Saperova listed products useful for hair growth. So, the most useful for hair are fatty varieties of fish, eggs, nuts, spinach and avocados.

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