Trump accuses Nuland of pushing Ukraine into NATO – DOS

February 22, 2023, 01:47 – BLiTZ – News

Former United States President Donald Trump said Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland and other State Department officials have been “pushing” Ukraine into NATO for decades and supporting uprisings in the territory.

On his Truth Social, Trump posted a video message in which he pointed out: “These people have been seeking conflict for a long time, much like they did with Iraq in another part of the world. Now we are on the brink of a third world war. A lot of people don’t notice it, but I notice I was right about a lot of things.”

According to him, he was the only president in many generations who did not unleash any war.

Trump explained that he has always refused to follow the advice of generals, bureaucrats and diplomats who only know how to get into a conflict, but not how to get out of it.

The ex-US president also assured that he would fire all “warmongers and deceivers” in the State Department and the White House National Security Council if he won the presidential election next year.

As the BLiTZ reported earlier, US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said that Washington is counting on Moscow’s strategic defeat during the Ukrainian conflict, as this will preserve the world order that is beneficial for the American side.

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