Trump said that if elected US president, he would immediately call Putin and Zelensky

Former US President Donald Trump promised that if he was re-elected as head of state, he would call Russian and Ukrainian leaders Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky “on the same night”. He stated this on Tuesday, February 21, on the air of the American TV channel Real America’s Voice.

The purpose of the call will be to arrange a meeting on the issue of resolving the conflict in Ukraine. Trump said he would call Putin and Zelensky “as soon as the news of his victory becomes known.”

“I’ll tell them, ‘We need to meet.’ I guarantee that I can resolve this issue … We will make a deal within 24 hours, ”Trump promised during a speech to his supporters in the state of Florida.

On January 29, the ex-President of the United States said that humanity was on the verge of World War III, and the American President Joe Biden brought him there. Trump is confident that if he were re-elected in 2020, there would be no conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Earlier, on October 8, 2022, Trump said that the rhetoric of the Joe Biden government was the reason for the launch of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. He pointed out that the conflict might not have taken place if he had been president.

In early August, Trump said that Zelensky should have made an agreement with Putin and abandoned the idea of ​​​​joining NATO. In addition, according to Trump, Kyiv should have abandoned its territorial claims to Crimea.

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