Trump’s plan to end the conflict in Ukraine – DOS

February 21, 2023, 16:27 – BLiTZ – News

Former American leader Donald Trump said that if he is elected president of the United States, he will first call Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky. The politician is convinced that he will be able to reconcile the two presidents and resolve the conflict within a day. He also opposed the continuation of the policy of multibillion-dollar support for Ukraine.

A correspondent for the BLiTZ turned to political scientist Dmitry Zhuravlev to find out on what terms Trump could offer peace.

“Most likely, Trump may agree to the recognition of the Russian status of Crimea in exchange for a halt in hostilities by Moscow”

“I think it’s clear to everyone that it’s impossible to combine Zelensky’s plan and Russia’s position in its purest form,” the expert said. So there must be something else! Most likely, Trump may accept the recognition of the Russian status of Crimea in exchange for a halt in hostilities by Moscow. This is the main line for most Republicans regarding the Ukrainian conflict.”

However, this option is unacceptable for the Russian leadership, the DOS interlocutor continued.

“We insist that the state border between the Russian Federation and Ukraine should run along the administrative borders of the annexed regions,” Zhuravlev stressed. “And here, even with Trump’s plan, there are big disagreements, not to mention the position of Ukraine, which insists on Russia’s withdrawal from all the territories it occupies, including Crimea.”

At the same time, the political scientist noted, the very fact of such an appeal by the ex-president of the United States is a “good sign.”

“He appeals to those who do not want war”

“He appeals to those who do not want war,” the political scientist added. – And since Trump is doing this, it means that there are already quite a lot of such people. Obviously, the American electorate has already accumulated fatigue from this conflict, and he is less and less supportive of Washington’s spending on Ukraine.

Earlier, Trump said that Joseph Biden’s policy on Ukraine could lead to a third world war. This is how he reacted to the speech of the American president delivered in Kyiv the day before.

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