Tsargrad: expert Vladimir Vasilyev believes that Biden’s team will be crushed by panic

                        March 16 - BLiTZ.  In the United States, a crisis has emerged in the banking system, which can lead to serious political consequences.  Three credit institutions have already declared bankruptcy, which caused a panic on the stock exchange.  The main cause of the crisis is considered to be the poor financial management of each organization and the policy of the US Federal Reserve System.

Catastrophic consequences can affect the political environment, and Democrats can lose in this situation. Doctor of Economic Sciences Vladimir Vasiliev, in an interview with Tsargrad, believes that the current situation in the United States is explosive and could create pressure on President Biden, which, in turn, could lead to the resignation or removal of the incumbent president by the Democratic Party.

As a result, the US banking crisis could have far-reaching political consequences.

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