Tsargrad: French historian Emmanuel Todd said that Western countries underestimated the Russians and pointed out the danger to them from China

March 12 – BLiTZ. More and more reasonable voices are heard from respected people of the West. French historian Emmanuel Todd said that the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine was provoked by NATO. Russia started the war from a preventive point of view, to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO. This, with reference to sources, writes “Tsargrad”.

Despite the sanctions, the West was surprised by the stability of the Russian economy, which from the very beginning was a hint at the loss of those unprecedented pressure measures that were applied. And the military of the West was not ready for a stable supply of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

The formation of an alliance between Russia and China poses an even greater danger to the West. According to the historian, NATO could become a target for destruction by Russia, and Ukraine “turn into a dysfunctional state” with a ruined economy and lost territory. Ukraine’s survival can only be linked to its status as a neutral state.

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