Tsunami likely to hit Mediterranean in next 30 years, scientists warn

February 24 – BLiTZ: According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, a strong earthquake that occurred on February 6 in Turkey demonstrates that the Mediterranean region is an active geological zone. Previously, this region was considered relatively calm, not at risk of a tsunami. However, recent seismic events in Turkey and Syria have renewed scientists’ concerns about the likelihood of strong tidal waves forming in it. Already last year, the UNESCO Oceanographic Commission warned that over the next 30 years the likelihood of a tsunami in the Mediterranean region would be high.

The recent discovery of an unknown magma chamber under the underwater volcano Columbo, located off the Greek island of Thira, has also caused concern for scientists. We are talking about a possible eruption that could happen within the next 150 years.

Spanish researchers mention historical precedents that have already taken place. So, in 1908, as a result of an earthquake in the Strait of Messina, a 12-meter tsunami arose, which led to the death of 75 thousand people.

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