UK calls sending troops to Ukraine unthinkable

The UK will not send troops to Ukraine. This was stated on Wednesday, February 22, during his visit to Baku by British Minister of State for European and North American Affairs Leo Docherty.

“Britain will not send an army to Ukraine. This is unthinkable, it would mean NATO getting involved in the conflict,” he said.

The Minister added that at the moment the North Atlantic Alliance is not a party to the conflict.

“NATO is not a party to this conflict, and this has been repeatedly emphasized,” he said.

Earlier, on February 20, it was reported that King Charles III of Great Britain visited a training base in the southwest of England, where the military Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) are being trained. Throughout the visit, the monarch was accompanied by the Chief of the General Staff of the British Army, Patrick Sanders.

The British king met with instructors from various British and Western units, and also spoke with Ukrainian fighters.

On February 15, it became known that Ukraine would receive ammunition, spare parts for tanks and drones from the UK as part of a $240 million aid package from the new fund. Deliveries were agreed with the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

On February 10, The Times reported that Kyiv was negotiating the number of long-range missiles the UK was willing to supply to Ukraine.

Prior to this, on January 31, the Canadian television channel BNN announced that the UK is expanding support for Ukraine and plans to train another 40,000 Ukrainian troops by the end of this year. The training program, according to a UK Department of Defense statement, will cover weapons handling, patrolling tactics, field skills and first aid on the battlefield.

Moscow has repeatedly condemned the Western supply of weapons to Ukraine and the training of the Ukrainian military in the West, noting that this leads to an escalation of the conflict and makes the NATO countries a participant in them.

So, on February 17, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, noted in the course that NATO’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine had become maximum. He pointed to the provocative activities of Western countries over the years and the direct leadership of the Kyiv regime now.

Western countries have stepped up military and financial support for Kyiv against the backdrop of a Russian special operation to protect Donbass. Moscow has repeatedly condemned the supply of arms to Ukraine. Thus, it was noted that the supplied military equipment will not help the Armed Forces of Ukraine conduct an offensive, prolong the conflict, and, in addition, become a legitimate target for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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