UK cops threaten journalist for reporting mosque violating coronavirus restrictions

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Britain clearly is going into the grips of radical Islam and London has by now become the ‘Afghanistan’ of the West. The number of attendees in the mosques are increasing every week, while majority of the Muslim immigrants in Britain are not only following sharia at home, but they also are forcing fellow Muslims in doing so.

In East London, a group of radical Muslims, who had always supported the notoriety of Anjem Choudary reported has established a monitoring cell to keep records of the number of deaths of non-Muslims during the coronavirus pandemic. It is also learnt that, a number of Muslim nations including Qatar already are considering helping Muslim community in Britain with hundreds of millions of dollars for buying the properties of those non-Muslim victims of coronavirus and “enhance Muslim property”, which is considered as a part of Islamizing the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, we have received a very disturbing news about UK police threatening a radio journalist for reporting a mosque for violating restrictions on public gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. It may be mentioned here that, coronavirus has been badly rattling the United Kingdom.

The news report in Caldronpool said: UK Police have threatened a radio show host after he reported a mosque for violating COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings.

North Yorkshire Police turned up at the apartment of Tom Linden, host of UK Preppers Radio Network, after he issued a complaint to West Yorkshire Police about Muslims flouting the restriction rules by gathering in mosques for Friday prayers.

In the complaint, Mr Linden informed police that as an independent journalist, he intended on monitoring and reporting on the mass gatherings.

“All other religious denominations places of worship are of course closed and quite rightly so in my opinion,” Mr Linden said in a statement on his website.

“I read two articles in two different newspapers, on covering Bradford, The Telegraph and Argus, the other covering Leeds, The Leeds Press. They both talked of mosques flouting the CV-19 social distancing rules.

“This incensed me and made me feel very angry indeed,” Mr Linden added. “I, therefore, reported these mosques to West Yorkshire Police via their online COVID-19 report form.”

Mr Linden said his mistake was letting the police know of his intentions to “drive around” and report on open mosques and large outdoor meetings.

Despite journalists being deemed “key workers” under COVID-19 rules, the North Yorkshire police warned Mr Linden that monitoring mosques would be considered “unnecessary” travel.

“I am an independent radio journalist and as such a ‘key worker’,” Mr Linden said. “I, therefore, have the RIGHT to travel without restriction.

“Welcome to the Police State,” he added.

Blitz has been exposing the notorious activities of radical Islam for the past 18 years and had published a number of investigative reports on the rise of radical Islam in the West.

It may be mentioned here that, this newspaper has been boldly confronting radical Islam, sharia, caliphate and jihad since 2002 despite series of extreme adversities. Editor of this newspaper was wrongly convicted in a false treason and blasphemy case by a court in Bangladesh and been handed rigorous imprisonment for six years. Despite all such odds, the editor and this newspaper have never retreated from the noble mission of confronting radical Islam.

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