UK exempts visa for Qatari citizens from October


Starting from October, Qataris will no longer require a visa to enter the country, the UK has announced.

Instead, they can use a quick and easy mobile application process to apply for entry and be granted a two-year stay. This move is expected to encourage more Qataris to visit the UK and facilitate smoother travel between the two nations.

British Ambassador to Qatar His Excellency Jon Wilks said, “It’s worth highlighting a number of positive steps, the general atmosphere is fantastic. The bilateral relation is very strong. In February, we had a strategic dialogue and a year ago we signed the strategic investment partnership with His Highness The Amir”.

“Trade and investments figures are taking a very positive direction, partially recovering from the COVID-19, but more generally, we are seeing businesses moving from both directions”, he added.

The envoy continued, “The technical team is present in Qatar, and we have met with officials to test the new application system. In October, we will introduce and activate the new system, and Qatar will be the first country in the world to have access to this new system and be exempted from visas. Any Qatari citizen is free to choose between applying for the regular visa that still exists and obtaining a ten-year visa, or applying through the application with extreme flexibility, and within five minutes, any Qatari can obtain a two-year visa with a multiple visit system”.

“We are confident that this step is very important to strengthen the relationship between the two countries in all aspects”, he stressed

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