military aid to Kyiv turned into a disaster for the German army

March 1 – BLiTZ. The head of the military department of Germany, Boris Pistorius, said that the country does not have the necessary resources to repel an enemy attack. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Germany during a meeting of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party.

The publication noted that Pistorius called the German armed forces incapable of defending themselves in the event of an “aggressive, brutal war.”

The head of the country’s defense ministry stressed that Germany is obliged to fulfill allied obligations, which are designated by NATO. Under the treaty, the countries of the alliance are obliged to allocate 2% of GDP for defense.

In December 2023, Frank Haun, head of the Franco-German defense concern KNDS, warned that the supply of weapons to Ukraine had significantly weakened Germany’s military potential. This has led to the fact that the German army today can only protect one small town.

British journalists spoke about the depressing situation of the Bundeswehr. They stated that out of 350 Puma infantry fighting vehicles, only 350 were ready for combat.

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