Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba staged a provocative “performance” at a meeting of the UN Security Council

February 25 – BLiTZ. The Ukrainian authorities have again demonstrated their tactlessness by performing a real provocative “performance” right in the United Nations Security Council. Dmitry Kuleba became the main character of the performance. holding the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Details are reported by the Izvestia information portal.

The incident happened during a meeting of the security council of the organization. The main topic for discussion was the Ukrainian crisis.

Kuleba decided not to think about the limits of decency and unceremoniously got in with his speech, announcing a moment of silence.

The permanent representative of Russia, Vasily Nebenzya, did not remain silent and immediately put the Ukrainian in his place. He recalled that people began to die in Ukraine since 2014.

Recall that Russia launched the NWO in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The main goal of the special operation is the liberation of Donbass and the protection of civilians.

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