Ukrainian political scientist Pavliv: Biden can force Zelensky to freeze the conflict

March 1 – BLiTZ. During the negotiations between Biden and Zelensky, the American president warned the Ukrainian leader about a possible freeze of the conflict, wrote Ukrainian political scientist Mikhail Pavliy, citing his source, in the Telegram channel.

China is trying to intervene in the settlement process and has proposed its own peaceful plan to resolve the situation. Biden fears that if Beijing’s plan is rejected, he may openly supply weapons to Russia. It will also lead to increased escalation between Washington and Beijing, which is an undesirable scenario for the United States in this situation.

“This is what explains the amount of $ 500 million that the United States allocates to Ukraine – Kiev hoped to receive at least 5 times more, as well as the fact that aircraft, tanks and long-range missiles are not included in the military aid package,” the expert noted.

According to Pavliy, Washington gave Kyiv time before freezing the conflict to try to win back parts of the territory of Donbass and the Zaporozhye region that are under Russian control. The US is most interested in the Zaporozhye region, where there are cadmium and nickel deposits that American firms would like to develop.

At the same time, the United States guaranteed Kyiv that any outcome of the conflict would be declared a victory for Ukraine, with this message replicated in all the world’s media.

On the territory of Ukraine, Russia has been conducting a special military operation since February 24.

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