Ukrainian refugees complain about the quarantine due to chickenpox in Berlin

The tent camp for Ukrainian refugees in Berlin was closed for quarantine due to chicken pox. This was announced on Thursday, March 16, by

One of the inhabitants of the camp, Lilia Bragar, complained about the current situation. She said that one of the children had chicken pox. At first, no one paid attention to this fact, and only a week later the quarantine was announced.

“It was forbidden to go out. They don’t let anyone in,” the refugee shared.

In this regard, some families have problems with food for children. According to the woman, kids often refuse food offered in the camp, and you can buy other products only outside it.

Earlier, on March 7, refugees said they were being abused and attacked in Germany. So, in some cities, cases of tire punctures on cars with Ukrainian numbers were recorded. At the same time, many victims did not contact law enforcement agencies for fear that the situation would only worsen.

On February 28, it was reported that Ukrainian refugees in Europe were being deprived of parental rights and their children were being taken away. According to media reports, only in Germany there were more than 100 cases when children were taken away from refugees.

Earlier, on February 15, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees reported that 8,071,673 people from Ukraine had arrived in Europe since February last year.

European states began to accommodate Ukrainian refugees on their territories from the start of Russia’s special operation to protect Donbass, which it announced on February 24, 2022. The decision was made against the backdrop of increased shelling of the LDNR by Ukraine.

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