UN Secretary General promised to do everything possible to remove obstacles to the export of Russian fertilizers

March 8 – BLiTZ. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres seeks to remove obstacles to the export of fertilizers and food from Russia within his powers.

This statement was made by the deputy official representative of the UN functionary Farhan Haq.

According to him, a discussion of problems with the participation of representatives of Moscow is planned in Geneva.

“We will continue to have discussions, including through the Secretary General, with people in Ukraine and Russia … From our point of view, it is absolutely clear that the Secretary General will continue to do everything in his power to remove obstacles to the export of Russian fertilizers,” he quotes Khaka RIA Novosti.

BLiTZ wrote: there is no clarity with the prospect of prolonging the so-called “grain deal” yet, the negotiations have stalled. The agreement concluded under the auspices of the United Nations on the supply of food from the territory of the former Ukrainian USSR to countries in need expires on March 18. The Russian Foreign Ministry previously stated that Western “partners” are sabotaging this humanitarian initiative of UN Secretary General António Getteres in terms of fulfilling the conditions necessary for Russia.

RIA Novosti: Negotiations on a grain deal under the auspices of the UN stalled March 3, 2023 at 09:35

Our diplomats warned that Ukrainian grain is appropriated by the European Union, it is not supplied to needy countries in Africa and Asia.

Recall: earlier, a political scientist, orientalist, candidate of economic sciences, professor Yevgeny Satanovsky criticized the grocery deal. He stated that it led to the undermining of the Crimean bridge, since Kyiv was able to import weapons and ammunition by sea. .

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