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Undetermined number of Islamist terrorists melt into Western societies


Undetermined number of Islamist terrorists melt into Western societies

Undetermined number of Islamist terrorists melt into Western societies

While the Western globalists and the activist Leftist media continue to threaten the security of free societies everywhere by aiding and abetting jihadist goals with their denial and willful ignorance, according to media reports, an undetermined number of jihadists are on the loose not only in the United Kingdom, but across the European Union as well as in Canada. Islamist jihadists have been doing what they said they would for 1,400 years, but globalist leaders refuse to believe them or prefer to ignore those activities in pursuit of their own ends. Taking advantage of the pro-migration policies adopted by liberal politicians, many of the jihadists are entering the United Kingdom and other countries in the first place by infiltrating refugee streams.

According to a report by Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter, the Telegraph, almost 50 foreign-born terrorists have avoided deportation from Britain on release from jail. An analysis of convictions over the past 20 years has identified 45 foreign nationals who have served prison sentences for Islamist-inspired terrorist offenses but have been allowed to remain in the UK after completing their jail terms.

Meanwhile, in Canada, dozens of Islamist jihadists are walking free from prison while authorities are surprisingly reluctant about the potential threats posed by these people.

News coming out of Canada that jihadists are running free while authorities do not charge them should not surprise anyone. Western countries are in grave danger as tens of thousands of Islamic State foreign jihadis return to their home countries. The Islamic State also promised to infiltrate the refugee stream, and did it; and both the Islamic State and Al Qaeda have been calling for lone-wolf jihad attacks in the West for some time. The picture is grim, and innocent civilians in the West are in danger: truth-tellers are increasingly ganged up on and shut up in the stealth jihadist “Islamophobia” drive that has allied with the left in working toward the subjugation of the House of War.

Meanwhile, Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen defends the reinstatement of Canadian citizenship to convicted terrorists, and Canada continues to welcome unvetted immigrants.

Last March, CSIS director Michel Coulombe testified in front of a Senate committee that, at the time, there were 60 Canadians known to have returned home from going abroad to participate in terror activities.

These included paramilitary exercises, receiving jihadi training, providing logistical support for operations and more. Basically, they went to a terrorist training camp. Then they came home. “Ticking time bomb” is the accurate phrase to describe this situation.

The situation in the Western nations is surely alarming, especially when it is proved, authorities in those countries are reluctant about the possible threats posed by the jihadists to the societies. Moreover, wave of radical Islam is on rise in most of the Western nations, especially Britain. In my personal opinion, London and Scotland in particular have already turned into the epicenters of radical Islam and jihadism, with its Muslim population aggressively enforcing sharia rules within the Muslim communities.

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