Unemployment benefits for Russians in 2023

A citizen of the Russian Federation, left without a job, can count on guarantees and support from the state. This also applies to those who lost their jobs due to life circumstances, and even those who have not been employed for a long time. Separate support measures are provided for unemployed mothers and people of pre-retirement age. How to apply for benefits and how much an unemployed person can receive – read in the Izvestia article.

Who is eligible for unemployment benefits 2023

Any citizen in the status of unemployed will be able to receive benefits, regardless of the reason for the lack of employment. This is true for all Russians over 16 years old. At the same time, a citizen applying for benefits must not only not have a job, but also any additional income, including income from business or part-time jobs in the status of self-employed.

There are a number of conditions under which you will not be able to receive unemployment benefits:

a citizen is doing military service; a citizen is on parental leave; a citizen is studying full-time at a university or college; a citizen is already receiving a pension; a citizen has the status of an individual entrepreneur; we are talking about a notary or a lawyer; we are talking about a convict or prisoner (with the exception of suspended sentences).

Unemployment benefits 2023

The amount of unemployment benefit depends on a number of factors: seniority, average earnings in recent months and the reason why a citizen was left without income. At the same time, he will be able to receive benefits only in the first six months in the status of unemployed, and the maximum amount of payments can be only in the first three months, and then it becomes smaller. In 2023, the maximum unemployment benefit is 12,792 rubles. And the minimum amount that an unemployed citizen can receive is 1,500 rubles. In some regions of the Russian Federation, the regional coefficient also influences the final amount of unemployment benefits.

Unemployment benefit upon dismissal in 2023

After dismissal in the first three months, a citizen receives payments in the amount of 75% of his average earnings for the last three months of work – but not more than the maximum amount and not less than the minimum. In the next three months, the amount of payments is reduced to 60% of the average earnings. At the same time, it is necessary that a citizen has worked for at least 26 weeks over the past year, or served on conscription, but worked for at least 26 weeks before the start of the service. Also, those dismissed from their previous place of work, not for violating labor discipline, can apply for benefits.

Who gets the minimum unemployment benefit in 2023

The minimum amount of unemployment benefit in the amount of 1500 rubles is paid in the following cases:

the citizen is looking for a job for the first time; the citizen has not worked for more than a year; the citizen has worked less than 26 weeks in a year; at the previous place of work, the citizen did not provide a certificate of income to the employment center; the citizen closed self-employment or liquidated the individual entrepreneur; the citizen left the farm; the employee was fired for violation labor discipline; the citizen was expelled from the training he took at the employment center.

All these three categories of the unemployed are entitled to benefits for only three months.

Pre-retirement unemployment benefit 2023

Special rules apply to citizens five years before reaching retirement age. When applying within a year after the dismissal, they will be paid benefits every month, but not more than 12 months. The term of payments can be extended if the citizen has accumulated a solid work experience – for women it is more than 20 years, and for men – more than 25 years. For each additional year of service, two weeks are added to the payment period. Thus, the maximum period during which a citizen can receive unemployment benefits at pre-retirement age is no more than 24 months in three years.

The amount of the allowance will be determined based on the average earnings at the previous place of work:

the first three months a citizen receives 75% of the average earnings; another four months – 60% of the average earnings; in the remaining months – 45%.

Pregnancy benefit for the unemployed in 2023

If the expectant mother registers at the antenatal clinic for a period of at least six and no more than 12 weeks, she is entitled to a pregnancy benefit. In this case, the following conditions must be met:

the average per capita income of a pregnant woman’s family must be less than the regional subsistence level; the “zero income rule”, which implies the existence of objective reasons for the lack of the level of income necessary to provide the family; the absence of additional real estate in the family with such a total area that each member has more than 24 m².

Funds begin to arrive from the 12th week of the term and are paid every month. The amount of payments is determined by the region of residence of the pregnant woman and the subsistence minimum in this subject. The expectant mother will receive 50%, 75% or 100% of the subsistence level in the region.

Unemployment benefit for orphans in 2023

Increased unemployment benefits are available to orphans under the age of 23 who are getting a job for the first time. For them, the amount of payment is determined by the average monthly accrued salary in the region. Payment is made within six months. If during this period a citizen turns 23 years old, the amount of the benefit is reduced to a minimum of 1,500 rubles.

How to apply for unemployment benefits in 2023

A citizen can arrange for the accrual of payments by submitting documents to the employment center, or do it remotely through the State Services portal or the Jobs of Russia website.

Specialists consider the application within 11 days and will offer the unemployed person at least two vacancies based on his competencies. Those who have not previously worked will also receive offers with any vacancies. Also, a citizen is invited for an interview, if he rejects the proposals, then he begins to receive benefits. The accrual of funds is possible only on the card of the Mir payment system, it is better to issue it in advance. In addition, payment can be received through the post office.

How to apply for unemployment benefits through the employment center in 2023

A citizen can apply to an employment center to apply for benefits only at the place of registration. You must provide the following documents:

passport; work book and contracts from previous places of work; certificate in the form 2-NDFL on the level of income for the last three months from the previous place of work; documents on education and qualifications; documents on the applicant’s special status, if any; bank account details or postal number departments; an application completed on the spot.

In some cases, specialists may also ask for a marriage certificate, data on the presence of dependents and minor children, the TIN or SNILS of the applicant.

How to apply for unemployment benefits online in 2023

If you have an account on the State Services, you can not visit the employment center and apply online. In this case, the necessary data will be filled in automatically based on the portal database.

The Jobs of Russia website also provides opportunities for the unemployed. Through it, you can also apply for benefits, as well as independently send a resume to employers and look for a job.

After receiving benefits, the unemployed will continue to receive offers with vacancies from the labor exchange.

Earlier, Izvestia explained what benefits and payments are due to large families in Russia and what other support measures are in place for them.

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