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UNHCR gives shelter to a notorious criminal


UNHCR gives shelter to a notorious criminal

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

A man named Abdul Wahed, bearing Bangladesh passport number BQ-0546479 (previous passport number AD 2683370), NID number 19740007842041704 is a fugitive facing numerous criminal charges in the United Arab Emirates. Wahed hails from Khankhanapur, Rajbari district, Bangladesh. His father’s name is Nurul Islam Bhuiyan and mother’s name is Rejea Khatun. Although Abdul Wahed and his wife Safiya Ahmed falsely claims to have been born in the United Arab Emirates and their parents permanent residing in Dubai, in reality, Wahed’s mother lives in Rajbari district in Bangladesh. Her mobile phone number is +88016-77706087.

Later he fooled the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and obtained ‘Protection Letter’ on July 31, 2018, by suppressing the fact that he is one of the most wanted criminals in the United Arab Emirates as well Interpol has issued Red Alert on him. Although the protection letter issued by the UNHCR has already expired on October 31, 2018, the Abdul Wahed, along with his wife Safia Ahmed Abdul Razzak alias Safiya Ahmed, daughter Warda and son Saif Abdul Wahed are residing in Azerbaijan by falsely claiming as refugees.

The letter issued by UNHRC requests the Azerbaijan authorities to “facilitate the stay of the above-mentioned person within the territory of Azerbaijan and prevent any forced repatriation”. Copy of this letter was sent to relevant authorities in Azerbaijan including its interior ministry.

It may be mentioned here that Abdul Wahed has committed series of series crimes in the United Arab Emirates, including murder, rape, fraud and dealing in counterfeit Indian currency and a number of cases were filed against him. Sensing severe legal consequences, he fled UAE along with his wife and children and landed in Azerbaijan, where they have been living since 2018. There also are allegations against Abdul Wahed and his Pakistani wife Safia of running a secret brothel in Dubai where he was forcing females from the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries into prostitution. His wife, Sufia was working as one of the agents for Wahed in picking up girls and women for their secret sex racket. There also are criminal charges against Sufia in the United Arab Emirates.

Criminal record of Abdul Wahed

According to several sources, Abdul Wahed was recruited by Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence through his wife Safia Ahmed Abdul Razzak, who is a Pakistani national. From UAE, Wahed and his wife were trafficking counterfeit Indian currency, which they were receiving from ISI. It may be mentioned here that UAE has become one of the main routes of smuggling of counterfeit INR to India.

False pretention by Safia

At the suggestions of Abdul Wahed, his wife Safia has been falsely claiming to have been converted into Christianity along with her daughter Warda, although there is no record with the churches in the UAE and Azerbaijan of them being converted into Christianity. A shrewd Abdul Wahed has made this fake story being inspired by the case of a Pakistani Christian woman named Asia Bibi, who had got asylum in Canada. Wahed thought, the story of conversion into Christianity would open the scope for them in getting asylum in any of the Western nations.

Safia and her daughter Warda have made several attempts of fooling some Western right activists by telling the fake story of religious conversion and them being victims of religious persecution.

According to several sources, Abdul Wahed was recruited by Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence through his wife Safia Ahmed Abdul.

This newspaper tried to reach Azerbaijan’s State Migration Service through its phone number +994-125625-623 and has also sent an email to qsml (at) Azerbaijan authorities should immediately look into this case and deport Abdul Wahed and his family to the United Arab Emirates.

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