United States announces Putin’s salvation of Russia from the financial dictates of the West

Russian President Vladimir Putin was able to save the country from the financial dictates of Western countries. This was announced on February 27 by the former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, Colonel Douglas McGregor.

“Putin, in his speech two or three years ago, said that he would not allow the international financial system to subjugate Russia and sacrifice the future of the state. This is a very strong statement, which few people paid attention to at the time, ”he said on his YouTube channel.

McGregor noted that Russia is strengthening and turning into a sovereign economy. This, in turn, leads to the dependence of Western countries on a variety of Russian resources. According to the officer, Washington is trying to dictate its policy to other countries through international financial institutions, but Moscow has not fallen under this influence.

Earlier, on February 21, Putin said that the purpose of anti-Russian sanctions is to make Russian citizens suffer. According to him, the Russian economy and management system turned out to be much stronger than the West believed.

Before that, on February 9, the Russian leader assured that Russia would strengthen itself from within and without. He also noted that Russia has overcome the most difficult stages of difficulties in the economy that the West is trying to create. He stressed that in 2023, a slight increase is expected for all indicators, and forecasts are made by international institutions.

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