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The United States is intensifying its pressure on the Falestinian terrorists [Palestinian Authority aka PA]. The Al-Jazeeranetwork reported on September 16, 2018 evening that the US administration has decided to immediately close all bank accounts linked to the PA or the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in banks across the United States.

The US is not confirming the report at the moment, but the State Department hinted last week after the closure of the PLO’s mission in Washington that there would be further steps against the Palestinian Arabs [Falestinian terrorists].

Counterterrorism experts say, the US administration needs to take much harsher actions against the Falestinian terrorists and should investigate activities on its offices around the world.

Commenting on the latest development on intensifying pressure on the Falestinian terrorists, Blitz editor and firebrand defender of the State of Israel, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury said, “I wholeheartedly welcome this decision of the trump administration and believe, President Donald Trump will take much stricter actions against the terrorists in that part of the world. Freezing bank accounts or revoking visas are important, but United States should impose sanctions on Falestine and its defenders for the sake of ensuring peace in the Middle East.”

He added, “No negotiations should be held with the stabbers and terrorists who are attacking innocent people in Israel. Washington needs to realize a fact that Falestinians are using that occupied land as terrorist launch pads. There also should be immediate sanctions on giving military training to the Falestinians by any nation and military cooperation between the Falestinians and any nation should come under scanner now.”

Ari Fuld laid to rest:

Ari Fuld, the lion and hero of Israel was laid to rest at the cemetery in Kfar Etzion. Here is the video.

Fuld was a a dual US-Israeli citizen. He served as a sergeant in an elite paratroopers unit in the IDF reserves and also served on the Efrat emergency squad. He is survived by his wife Miriam, his four children, his brothers Moshe, Doni, Hillel and Eitan, and his parents Rabbi Yonah and Mary Fuld.

May his memory be blessed, and may his blood be avenged.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein on Sunday night paid condolence visits to the relatives of Ari Fuld.

“I’ve met the parents and wonderful brothers of this hero of Israel, Ari Fuld,” Netanyahu said in a tweet after the visit. “I embraced them in the name of the entire nation in this time of terrible grief. We are alive thanks to heroes like Ari. We will remember him forever.”

Writing in a post on his personal Facebook page, Netanyahu noted, “With his last strength, Ari fought heroically against the terrorist and prevented a greater tragedy.

“Ari was a wonderful father to four children. He was an advocate for Israel who fought to spread the truth about Israel.

“May his memory be a blessing.”

Edelstein, a classmate of Fuld’s father Yonah, also spoke of Ari’s heroism.

“Before he is buried tonight, I went to embrace the parents and brothers of Ari Fuld, may his memory be for a blessing,” Edelstein said in a statement. “I was moved by the words of my classmate Rabbi Yonah Fuld, who spoke about his son with a glint in his eye. When you meet such a wonderful family, you understand where such heroes come from. May his memory be in our hearts always.”

Lawmakers from across the political spectrum praised Fuld earlier on Sunday for his actions.

“With a stab wound in the back, he ran, drew his gun and fired before collapsing, just to make sure the terrorist would not continue to hurt others,” Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who heads the national-religious Jewish Home party, wrote on his Twitter account.

“My deepest condolences to the family of Ari Fuld — may his memory be blessed — who showed incredible courage and who chased after the terrorist despite his injuries,” wrote Zionist Union MK Ksenia Svetlova.

Fuld worked at Standing Together, a non-governmental organization that provides support to Israeli soldiers. He also described himself on his website as an “advocate for Israel, [who] speaks to communities throughout the globe.”

He was a prominent member of the National Union party, including serving on its Central Committee. National Union is part of the Jewish Home faction in the Knesset. Ari’s brother Eitan is the spokesman for Jewish Home MK Betzalel Smotrich.

In a statement, the National Union party eulogized Fuld as a “lover of the land who fought for it, a man of truth, caring and kind. He advocated for the land of Israel with all his might, in Israel and around the world.”

He was mourned in an outpouring of social media tributes throughout the day, with friends and ideological opponents alike eulogizing the Israel advocate and former karate instructor as an unflinching champion of the Jewish state and fearless fighter to the end.

PA envoy says US revoked his family’s visas, closed his bank accounts:

Speaking to the Hezbollah-linked al-Mayadeen television network, Husam Zomlot said on September 16, 2018 that US officials have ordered him and his family to leave the country “immediately.”

Zomlot is already in Ramallah, having been recalled by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas earlier this year as part of the PA’s protest against US President Donald Trump’s decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem in May. Abbas had already halted most diplomatic ties with the Trump administration in December after the US officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

But according to PLO official Hanan Ashrawi, Zomlot’s wife and children were still living in the US until last week. The administration has now “revoked the visas of Husam Zomlot’s wife and two children. Zomlot’s son and daughter were pulled out of Horace Mann Elementary School in Washington DC last week and have since left the country,” a statement from Ashrawi’s office said.

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