Unveiling the fraudulent scheme: Scammers exploit ‘Blitz’ name in the UK, targeting Indian corporate giants

Independent Newspaper Blitz Raises Alarm Over Deceptive Practices and Urges Vigilance


London, UK: An alarming fraud scheme has been unveiled, exposing scammers who exploit the esteemed reputation of Blitz newspaper to target Indian corporate giants operating in the United Kingdom. Blitz, renowned for its unwavering commitment to unbiased journalism, is sounding the alarm on these deceptive practices and calling for heightened vigilance within the business community. It may be mentioned here that, Blitz is a registered newspaper publishing from Bangladesh since 2003 with both online and print edition. This newspaper is Google News indexed and our contents are crawled by the major search engines. Blitz has syndication agreement with over 750 newspapers and news agencies throughout the world through Hindustan Times Digital Streams (HTDS).

Back in 2007, members of the US Congress had recognized Blitz as the most influential newspaper in the Muslim world.

Financial scams have seen a surge globally, and the United Kingdom has become a hotbed for such illicit activities. Seizing the opportunity presented by the trusted and credible ‘Blitz’ brand, fraudsters have strategically targeted prominent Indian corporate entities, including Tata Group, Reliance Industries, Hinduja Group, and Aditya Birla Group, among others. These impostors employ deceitful tactics to manipulate and defraud these corporations for personal gain. Disturbingly, reports indicate that some big corporate houses were enticed with promises of creating a big media conglomerate in exchange of multimillion-pound investments which in return will benefit them in their public relations and media outreach.

Blitz newspaper categorically denounces any association with fraudulent individuals or organizations operating in the UK or elsewhere. We condemn these deceptive practices and urge utmost caution among our readers and the business community,” emphasized Mr. Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, Editor of Blitz.

The scam artists, posing as representatives of Blitz, initiate contact through emails and phone calls, targeting unsuspecting corporate professionals and bosses. Utilizing persuasive language and referring to recent news articles published by the reputable newspaper, they strive to establish credibility and gain the trust of their targets. It has also been observed that some popular names are also involved with them giving this operation legitimacy.

Once trust is established, the fraudsters proceed to exploit corporate representatives by exerting pressure to authorize financial transactions. Exploiting the urgency associated with news reporting, they create a false sense of time sensitivity, leaving their victims vulnerable to substantial financial losses.

One of the groups of such scammers was successful enough to penetrate a big Indian business family in the UK. They impressed them with their alleged work and background posing as Blitz’s team from India or the UK. In turn the business family promised to invest a large fund to help grow their business in the country.

Blitz, a government-registered newspaper, has been a prominent presence in the market since its inception in 2003. With nearly two decades of dedicated service, Blitz has established itself as a reliable source of news and information. Known for its commitment to unbiased reporting and upholding journalistic integrity, the newspaper has garnered a loyal readership base over the years. In recognition of the diverse linguistic needs of its audience, Blitz has expanded its reach by introducing a Hindi version, catering to a wider readership. Furthermore, the newspaper is set to launch an Arabic version in the near future, aiming to serve the Arabic-speaking population and enhance its global footprint.

To safeguard against such scams, businesses—especially those with international operations—must exercise utmost caution and implement rigorous verification processes when confronted with such unsolicited requests. It is imperative to verify any communication purporting to be from Blitz by utilizing the newspaper’s official contact channels, including the publicly listed phone number and email addresses.

Blitz is actively investigating the matter. Furthermore, the newspaper is actively collaborating with affected Indian corporate entities, extending support and guidance to aid in the recovery of any damages incurred.

Mr. Choudhury emphatically urges all businesses to maintain a high level of vigilance and promptly report any suspicious activity encountered. “It is paramount that we unite in combating these scammers and preserving the integrity of our institutions. Through awareness and collective efforts, we can shield ourselves from falling prey to these malicious tactics.”

This elaborate fraud scheme serves as a poignant reminder that, in the interconnected digital landscape of today, organizations and individuals must remain astute to fraudulent schemes seeking to exploit their reputation and trust. Upholding the safety of global commerce necessitates a relentless pursuit of justice, as well as collaborative endeavors between legitimate businesses and law enforcement agencies.

Disclaimer: Blitz hereby notifies the public that it is an independent newspaper and bears no association with fraudulent activities conducted by individuals posing as representatives, affiliates, partners or whatsoever of our organization. We implore readers to exercise utmost caution and report any unauthorized use of our name or attempts to deceive under false pretenses. The official website of Blitz is www.weeklyblitz.net, and any other website claiming affiliation is unauthorized and should be regarded as fraudulent.

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