UP and Sikkim signed MoU, both states will work together in this sector, know full details


Lucknow News: Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim will now work together culturally. Both the states will try to understand each other’s culture better, this will further strengthen their relationship.

In the presence of Tourism and Culture Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Jaiveer Singh, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between the state of Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim for cultural exchange in a program organized at Bharatendu Natya Academy, Gomtinagar. Along with this, the release of Bhartendu Kala Patrika and the commencement program of ‘Master in Dramatic Art’ course was also organized.

The Tourism Minister said that Uttar Pradesh has signed an MoU with other states for cultural exchange. Due to this, the cultural diversity of Uttar Pradesh is being spread in other states outside the state.

On this occasion, the Tourism Minister said that this MoU will promote cultural exchange between both the states. He said that cultural diversity of both the states will provide an opportunity to face each other.

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Inaugurating the Master in Dramatics Art session on this occasion, the Tourism Minister said that India’s cultural diversity will be promoted through children. Wherever these children go, the culture of India will be propagated there. Wishing the children a bright future, he wished them all the best.

He said that in 2047, when India celebrates its golden age, then it should progress so much in various forms like educational, cultural, strategic that India leads the world as a world guru.

The Tourism Minister said that the Tourism and Culture Department of Uttar Pradesh is constantly trying to unite cultural forms and feelings. Despite different types of language, dialect, religion, how can we remain united culturally, this is our effort.

He said that in India’s independence, the brave sons of different provinces made united efforts and got India freedom. Despite these disparities, India is still one and it has to get freedom from the present disparities like social disparity, economic disparity etc.

The Tourism Minister said that UP today Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya, Kushinagar is becoming prosperous and prosperous with its cultural and spiritual splendor, the benefits of which are also being received by the people of the state. He said that according to the category-wise list of artists, work is being provided to each class of artist by the Uttar Pradesh Culture Department, due to which they are getting financial help and the cultural heritage is also being promoted and expanded.

He said that today cultural diversity is being taken to the villages by organizing cultural programs in inter colleges and high schools. He said that it is our endeavor that the culture of Awadh should reach Braj. The culture of Braj reached Purvanchal and the culture of Purvanchal reached Awadh and Braj. Efforts are on to save many cultural activities which have reached the verge of extinction.

On this occasion, Culture Secretary of Sikkim province Basant Lama welcomed the signing of the MoU and said that this agreement signed between the two states under Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat program during Amrit Kaal on the occasion of 75th year of independence will strengthen the cultural activities of both the states.

He said that with this the people of both the states will get acquainted with each other’s cultural diversity as well as it will be exchanged. He said that both the states will promote tourism and culture by identifying 10-10 important cultural diversity sites. He said that both the provinces will get benefit from this agreement.

On the occasion of this programme, major folk dances of both the provinces like Dhendhiya, Peacock of Uttar Pradesh and Phula Chiddomsa and Hinhiksham of Sikkim province were also organized. On this occasion, Honorable Vice-Chancellor Bhatkhande Culture University, Lucknow Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mandvi Singh, Special Secretary Culture Amarnath Upadhyay and other departmental officers were present.

Construction of heliports in five major tourist places

Meanwhile, with the aim of promoting tourism, heliports are being constructed by the tourism department in five major tourist places of the state like Lucknow, Prayagraj, Varanasi, Agra and Mathura. After the construction of all these heliports, tourists will get the facility of Govardhan Procession, Govardhan Teerth Darshan and Agra Darshan etc. at the holy pilgrimage sites of Varanasi, Prayagraj, Lucknow and Mathura.

Tourism and Culture Minister Jaiveer Singh said that in addition to these heliport-helipads, work is being done to operate helipads located in Lucknow, Prayagraj, Kapilvastu on PPP mode. Action is in the final stage to make Varanasi, Neemsar, Sitapur and Ayodhya helipad-heliports operated on PPP mode.

The Tourism Minister informed that a private investor has been selected to develop and operate the heliports in Agra and Mathura districts on Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) mode. With the commencement of the heliport service, tourists will be able to visit maximum number of places in minimum time. Along with providing employment to the people from the heliport service, hotel and restaurant businessmen, travel operators and small businessmen will also get business. Along with this, the state government will also have to earn.

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