UP News: Farmers trend towards black wheat cultivation in Shahjahanpur, this step can double the income


Shahjahanpur News: of Uttar Pradesh Shahjahanpur The trend of farmers in the district is moving towards cultivation of black wheat. This time black wheat has been produced in large quantity by the farmers here. However, despite being a profitable deal, the unavailability of the market at the local level is also disappointing the farmers here.

Black wheat is cultivated in 250 acres

Cultivation of black wheat has now started in abundance in Shahjahanpur district. It has been grown in about 250 acres of area in the entire district. The local administration is also encouraging farmers to cultivate wheat, which is considered to be a very nutritious grain.

More than 200 farmers associated with black wheat cultivation

District Magistrate Umesh Pratap Singh said on Sunday that the production of black wheat has increased significantly in the district. This time more than 200 farmers in the district have produced black wheat in an area of ​​more than 250 acres. At the local level, it is being bought at the rate of six thousand rupees per quintal, while in big cities its price is available from 10 to 12 thousand rupees. It is the effort of the district administration that the farmers get full benefit of their produce at the local level as well.

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Black wheat biscuits are being preferred instead of maida

Farmer Prem Shankar Gangwar of Rajapur village of Tilhar told that this time he has grown black wheat in one acre area as a test. He has also set up a processing unit related to black wheat, in which biscuits are being made from black wheat flour instead of white flour. Due to being the best alternative to white flour, people are also liking it a lot.

Black wheat is a treasure for health

Gangwar said that black wheat has natural anti-oxidant and antibiotic properties, which is very effective in the diagnosis of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental stress, knee pain and anemia. Black wheat flour looks like peeled gram sattu and its taste is different from that of normal wheat. But it is very nutritious. Its crop is similar to that of ordinary wheat. However, its earrings turn black when cooked.

Farmers are being encouraged to cultivate black wheat

Chief Development Officer Shyam Bahadur Singh said that farmers are being given information about black wheat cultivation in every village of the district. Apart from providing seeds to them, a team of Agriculture Department has been formed. This team is also training the farmers for the production of this special commodity. Along with this, apart from inspecting the black wheat crop from time to time, this team is also giving necessary guidelines to the farmers for the maintenance of the crop.

Increase in cultivation of black wheat

Rakesh Pandey, director of an organization working in the agriculture sector, said that since 2020, he has been encouraging the farmers of Shahjahanpur to grow black wheat crop and the administration is also cooperating in this. As a result of this, today farmers are growing black wheat crop in a large area in Kalan, Tilhar and Puwayan tehsils of the district.

District Magistrate Umesh Pratap Singh said that the farmers are being continuously informed about the technology of cultivation of black wheat and the financial benefits from its sale by the district administration through Krishi Mitras and officials of the Agriculture Department.

problem due to lack of market

Meanwhile, Rakesh Pandey says that there is no concrete arrangement for profitable sale of black wheat in the district, so he himself is buying wheat from the farmers and sending it out. If processing units are set up here or if market arrangements are made, then the income of the farmers will more than double.

Compulsion to sell at low price

Awadhesh Verma, a farmer from Hasanpur village of Dadraul region, also expressed regret over the absence of a market for black wheat at the local level, saying, “This time we have grown black wheat in 10 bighas of area, but due to the problem of the market here The reason is that our wheat is being sold at a very low price, whereas the same wheat is sold online at Rs.80 to 100 per kg.

Solution will be found in the meeting of Udyog Bandhu

When asked about this problem, the District Magistrate said, “We are trying to set up a processing unit related to black wheat here, for which we will keep it in the meeting of Udyog Bandhu. If this unit is set up here, the farmers will get their Will be able to get a lot of profit from the produce.

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