URA.RU: Ukrainian escort Ksyusha Maneken, awarded with the order, ended up in the Peacemaker base

March 4 – BLiTZ. Ksyusha Mannequin from Kyiv found herself in an unpleasant situation. The escort was added to the list of “enemies of Ukraine” on the “Peacemaker” website, thanks to her old post on social networks, where she expressed the opinion that she does not care who owns Crimea, the main thing is that it be peaceful there. She is also accused of denying Russian aggression and participating in events against Ukraine. However, the girl herself considers these accusations to be the envy of her “brothers”.

Previously, the Mannequin was awarded the Order “For Assistance to the Military Intelligence of Ukraine II Degree” after visiting the office of the President of Ukraine. By the way, she promised to tell, for which she received the award, as soon as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia ends. This is really interesting – maybe she was given an award for “assisting” Ukrainian intelligence by providing her services to the enemy side? Well, who knows.

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