US Embassy Won’t Help Russians with Dual Citizenship – DOS

February 13, 2023, 14:45 – BLiTZ – News Monday morning has ceased to be languid. Numerous telegram channels replicated the announcement of the US Embassy urging its citizens to leave Russia immediately.

As noted in the release of the diplomatic department, the embassy has serious technical limitations in matters of transportation.

What is the main semantic message of the US diplomatic mission?

Political commentator Greg Weiner presented his own point of view on this issue:

If you read this appeal, it becomes clear that in this case we are talking about US citizens who have Russian citizenship. People who simultaneously have Russian and American citizenship, that’s who we are talking about. According to approximate data, there are several tens of thousands of such citizens. It is also necessary to take into account children born from mixed marriages.

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, the person who has two passports and who entered the territory of the Russian Federation using a Russian passport is considered a citizen of Russia. For the Russian Federation, he is, first of all, a citizen of Russia. Therefore, the US Embassy addresses precisely such people.

When a person goes to leave, he flies out of Moscow as a citizen of Russia. At customs, he shows an American passport, which is the basis for the trip. This is a normal global practice.

What is the US Embassy worried about?

If certain Russian citizens are affected by the mobilization process, they can immediately remember their American passport and run to the US Embassy for help. But the US Embassy, ​​firstly, is not able to technically help, because the staff has been drastically reduced and cannot cope with such an influx, and, secondly, it cannot help from the point of view of legislation, since Russian citizens will turn to them.

Thus, the US Embassy disclaims responsibility for the consequences.

At the same time, if other European embassies follow the example of their counterparts from the US, then a mass exodus of persons with dual citizenship may begin in Russia.

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