US Jews helping families of terrorists


Ronn Torossian

On January 4, 2017, a Palestinian-Arab terrorist drove a truck into a group of Israeli soldiers, killing four and injuring 17 others. The attack was immediately identified as terrorism, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the scene of the attack and said the perpetrator was “by all indications a supporter of the Islamic State.”

Fast forward to October 2018, Israel decided to expel the terrorist’s family from Israel, as they have links to ISIS, are not citizens and present a security concern.  Opposing the state in court is Hamoked, an organization supported by the New Israel Fund, which assisted the relatives of the terrorist to petition against their deportation from Israel.

Thankfully, they lost and this family – and their security concerns – have been expelled.

Israeli soldiers are killed, and American Jews who support the New Israel Fund stand with the family members of the terrorists – sickening and despicable.

The parents of one of the soldiers who was killed in the attack said today in court,  “We are here to prevent the next attack, God forbid. It is delusional that the governments of Europe and the New Israel Fund provide legal protection to the lowly terrorists who murdered our Shir and many other Israelis. We will fight here to the last drop of our blood against those who make their living by murdering Jews.”

Hamoked has received more than $720,000 from New Israel Fund donors, like the Leichtag Foundation,  and Oz Benamram of White & Case while claiming to work “for the enforcement of standards and values of international human rights and humanitarian law.”

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  1. American Jews in their effort to “ fit in” have taken on the montra that the weaker group is always right and the stronger group must be wrong. While Isreal is the stronger force in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, that does not make them wrong. It is a very complicated situation, which Isreal handles the best way it can to keep its citizens safe. Spoiled and protected American Jews need to be supporting Isreal plane and simple and not worry about being “politically correct”! I always say to my Jewish friends who complain about how Isreal is handling a military situation “you do not live there, when it is your neck on the line , then your opinion counts.”. It is so easy for groups like J – Street or Jews for Peace to criticize Isreal , as their members sit in their nice middle class homes in the USA. Of course Isreal makes mistakes , they are human. The situation is volatile in Israel , its located in a tough neighborhood. But for American Jews to support any part of the BDS movement or give money to an organization like the NIF makes no sence.

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