US State Department approves possible sale of Javelin missiles to Britain

The US State Department approved a possible deal to sell Javelin and related equipment to the UK for a total of about $125 million, the Pentagon Security Cooperation Agency said on February 28.

“The proposed deal to sell these missiles will serve to support US foreign policy and national security goals by enhancing the security of our NATO ally, which is an important force in the context of political stability and economic progress in Europe,” the statement said.

It is specified that up to 600 missiles can be purchased for this amount. The decision regarding the sale of Javelin has already been notified to Congress, it has a month to consider a potential deal.

Earlier, on February 23, The New York Times (NYT), citing sources, reported that the UK had formed a secret task force to purchase weapons for Ukraine. In this regard, the United States and other Western states are looking for weapons at factories in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Romania, and Luxembourg is transferring weapons made in the Czech Republic.

On February 15, the UK Ministry of Defense announced that the first package of military assistance to Ukraine from the new $240 million fund will include ammunition, spare parts for tanks and drones.

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