Used to withdraw money from other’s accounts by installing device in Patna’s ATM, four gang members arrested from Danapur


Patna. It is repeatedly explained to the common people that if you are going to withdraw money from the ATM card, be careful. Your money can disappear due to your slight carelessness. You will know about this when the SMS will come. In recent times, a steady increase in the incidents of cybercrime is being recorded in Bihar. In such crimes, mostly young youths are becoming accused. Two girls have been arrested in Patna only yesterday, while today the Patna police has revealed another gang. Four members of this gang have been arrested. In fact, in Patna’s Danapur, the police has revealed a gang, who were emptying people’s accounts with similar forgery. Police claim that the members of this gang used to do ATM fraud by installing ATM devices. However, the police have arrested four members of this gang. This shocking disclosure related to ATM fraud was made by Naubatpur police in Danapur.

Used to withdraw money from people’s account in this way

It is being told that these gangs would first trap the customer’s ATM card in the ATM machine itself. Then shockingly his code was known through you only. Just then would they have run away after clearing your account in a few minutes. Four such miscreants were caught by the Naubatpur police when they were trying to carry out their heist in an ATM. Regarding their arrest, it is said that when the police patrol team wanted to stop the four suspects for questioning, they started running away. Meanwhile, the police caught all four. During interrogation, it was found that he used to do ATM fraud. By going to the ATM machine, they put a new device of their own and with the same device they trap the people who withdraw money from the ATM and then clean their account.

ATM fraud has come to the fore in capital Patna

Here, the police of Kankarbagh police station of the capital Patna have arrested two girls. Both the arrested girls used to go to the ATM and used to put aluminum foil in the cash dispenser and used to stand near the ATM and wait for the customers. When other customers used to go to the ATM and press the button after inserting the card, but the cash did not come out, then they used to go back. After this the girls used to go inside and she used to go away comfortably with the cash. Both the vicious girls have been arrested by the police. The arrested girls have been identified as Kajal Kumari, a resident of Lalji Tola and Sweety Kumari, a resident of Saidpur.

Police is inquiring

According to the information received, a picture of ATM fraud of two girls was revealed in the CCTV footage installed in the ICICI Bank ATM near Kankarbagh Tempo Stand. After the pictures of both the girls came, the police started looking for them. Patna Police has finally arrested both the fraudster girls. Both the girls have graduated. Police have received mobiles of two branded companies and Rs 4600 cash from them. Police believe that for the first time in Patna, girls have been caught in such an incident. On the other hand, Station Officer of Kankarbagh police station Ravi Shankar told that in the investigation so far, it has been found that these two girls have committed the crime in two ATMs of Axis Bank in Kankarbagh and one in Patrakar Nagar. Investigation underway. Many evidences of online transactions have been found from the mobiles of both. Journalist Nagar police will also interrogate both of them on remand.

learned by watching youtube

Station Head Ravi Shankar told that during interrogation it was found that Kajal and Sweety were doing this racket for the last four months. To execute this incident, this method was learned from YouTube. Both of them used to go inside the ATM together and keep an aluminum foil in the cash dispenser and secretly see that the customer came to withdraw the money and left after the cash was not dispensed. As soon as the customer used to leave from there, both of them used to abscond with the money. Ravi Shankar said that both the girls used to do this with the intention of earning money for pleasure. The police is also questioning the relatives of both.

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