Uttarakhand: Even the weather is unable to stop the steps of the devotees, there is a flood of faith in the holy places.


Uttarkashi, 01 May (Hindustan Times). Even the rain and snowfall season is not able to stop the steps of the devotees. Despite these adverse circumstances, there is a wave of faith in the Char Dhams. It means to say that despite the inclement weather, the steps of devotees and tourists are continuously moving towards the Char Dham pilgrimage sites. However, in view of the adverse weather, the state government is also issuing daily alerts for the pilgrims and on the basis of this, is advising everyone to travel.

The state government has stopped the registration for the time being in view of the changing mood of the weather. Despite this, already registered pilgrims and devotees are moving towards Char Dham. Due to the heavy rains in Gangotri-Yamunotri, there is no visible decrease in the enthusiasm of the devotees.

Thousands of passengers can be seen going on these routes even in the midst of heavy rain on Monday. On the other hand, 2584 passengers have left for Kedarnath Dham from Sonprayag till 8 am. The road to Badrinath Dham has also been opened after this afternoon. On this route too, the order of the devotees going towards the Dham has started.

Due to rain and snowfall, it is getting cold in Char Dham. It is raining continuously in the Yamuna Valley including Gangotri and Yamunotri. Along with this, it is snowing in the higher places. Yamunotri Dham’s last major halt Jankichatti to Yamunotri Dham pedestrian route amid torrential rains, passengers are taking risks and moving. In front of their faith and devotion, rain and snowfall and adverse circumstances are also proving meaningless.

In this regard, the chairman of Badri-Kedar committee, Ajendra Ajay, has released a video today and said that the weather in Badri and Kedarnath Dham has remained unfavorable for many days. It is raining and snowing continuously. Despite this, there is no visible decrease in the devotion and faith of the devotees and pilgrims. Devotees are looking very excited.

All efforts are being made at the level of the State Government and the Kedarnath Temple Committee to make arrangements for easy and convenient darshan of the devotees. Arrangements have also been made for bonfires etc. on the routes and halting places of Dham. Despite this, devotees-pilgrims have been urged to follow the guidelines issued by the state government in view of the weather. People, especially the elderly, women and children, have been asked to check the weather and seek medical advice before travelling.

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