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Uzbekistan girls falling prey of prostitution ring


Uzbekistan girls falling prey of prostitution ring

Mustafa Ali Noor

Almost every month, there are several newspaper reports on the rescuing of Uzbek girls and women from the prostitution ring. In October 2019, The Mumbai Police Crime Branch has arrested a 26-year-old man for allegedly luring foreign women into the flesh trade and supplying them to customers in Mumbai. A Crime Branch officer said the accused, identified as Nadeem Khan, works for a reputed private bank in the city.

In September 2019, seven foreigners – shock, horror – were arrested prostituting themselves to locals and tourists in the town’s tourist hotspots.

Naew Na reports that “this illegal activity was damaging Pattaya and Thailand’s image”.

A team led by Chonburi immigration Pol Maj Jinda Khaekpanya also arrested a 28-year-old woman from Uganda and charged her with prostituting herself on the street. She will be deported. No local girls were discovered in the mini-crackdown selling illegal services.

Six others, four from Egypt and two from Uzbekistan, have had their particulars taken down and were warned that “selling themselves again would result in trouble”.

Every six months or so Pattaya police and officials have their staged walk, with media in tow, doing an informal stroll down Walking Street then proudly proclaiming to the media that there is “no evidence of prostitution”. The government has been trying to upgrade Pattaya’s reputation and rebranding Sin City as a “family-oriented world-class location”.

Whilst the town’s officials and police have been incapable of finding any prostitution in Pattaya (up to now), the World Health Organization, and other NGOs, have written several reports over the years maintaining there are approximately 30,000 prostitutes working in the Greater Pattaya area.

In June 2018, the Banjara Hills police in India rescued an Uzbek girl from prostitution in a decoy operation.

According to the Banjara Hills police, who were tipped off that a 21-year-old Uzbekistan national was coming to a hotel to meet a person as part of the prostitution racket, raided the hotel and arrested a person named Rajesh Kumar, who was accompanying her.

Uzbek prostitutes spreading throughout the world

All of them though introduced themselves as “Russian” or “Ukrainian” girls, in reality, all of them are from Uzbekistan. Be it a sleepy town in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam or even Nepal, Uzbek prostitutes are seen almost everywhere. Most importantly, for the past 10 years, such rackets mostly are run by Uzbek nationals, who make a legal way of staying in the respective country under the disguise of small investors or worker.

According to information, there are over fifty thousand Uzbek prostitutes throughout the world, and the number is increasing every year. Most importantly, majority of these Uzbek girls and women in the profession of prostitution are infected with HIV or Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), thus posing gave threat to the public health.

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