Vaccination of 453 Haj pilgrims, polio and meningitis before the journey


Aligarh – A vaccination camp was organized for the Haj pilgrims in Aligarh and doses of oral polio vaccination and meningitis vaccine were given. The Health Department had organized a camp for the Haj pilgrims at the Teachers Staff Club of AMU. In organizing the camp, arrangements were made for vaccination of 453 Haj pilgrims from Aligarh city. His body checkup was done. Along with this, Dr. Sameer Qazi also gave information about health tips, medicines etc. to all Haj pilgrims. What are the things that people going on Haj pilgrimage in 2023 have to take care of. Information about this was also given. The people of the Haj Committee were also present in organizing the vaccination.

Health check-up of pilgrims going on Haj

The pilgrims going for Haj are subjected to health check-up. However, except Covid, vaccination related to other diseases is done. So that Haj pilgrims do not get cold, cough, fever. Health card of Haj pilgrims is also made, which is checked on reaching Saudi Arabia during Haj pilgrimage. Along with the health department, the people of Haj committee were present in the vaccination camp. Doctor Sharad Gupta of Malkhan Singh Hospital told that Haj pilgrims going on Haj pilgrimage are being vaccinated. About 538 people are involved in this. He told that polio drops are also vaccinated along with meningitis.

Haj pilgrims were vaccinated against polio and meningitis

On the other hand, those who have not taken the dose of Covid. Its information is being collected. He told that 538 people have to be vaccinated. If people do not reach this camp, then another camp will also be set up by the health department. Shahid Abbasi, who went on Haj pilgrimage, told that the vaccination arrangement is very good. Qualified staff has been deployed for vaccination. The co-operation of the people of the Haj Committee is good. Good training was given regarding health information. He told that we have been vaccinated against polio and meningitis.

Alok Singh, Aligarh

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