Varanasi: Shriramcharitmanas became the longest song in the world, Dr. Jagdish’s name recorded in Guinness Book of World Records


Varanasi: A person from Kashi has achieved a big achievement at the international level regarding Shriramcharitmanas. Shriramcharitmanas has now become the longest song in the world. Varanasi K’s Dr. Jagadish Pillai has given his voice to this Shriramcharitmanas song of 138 hours 41 minutes and 20 seconds. Even before this, he has made many records in his name. Dr. Pillai is the author of more than five hundred books.

Happy result of four years of hard work

Varanasi resident Dr. Pillai told that it took four years to complete this work. Shriramcharitmanas song has been aired on more than 100 audio channels internationally. That’s why Guinness World Records has recorded it as the longest officially released song.

Due to not being Hindi speaking, had to work hard

Dr. Pillai has become the Guinness World Record holder for the maximum number of five times from Uttar Pradesh. At the same time, people are continuously congratulating him after this achievement. The special thing is that Dr. Jagdish Pillai is not Hindi speaking. Despite this, he sang such a long song in Awadhi in such a beautiful and emotional way with bhajans and kirtans, it is highly appreciated.

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Till now the record was 115 hours 45 minutes

Prior to this, the longest song was 115 hours 45 minutes which was sung by Mark Christopher Lee and The Pocket Gods living in St Albans Hertfordshire UK on 1 December 2021. He achieved this record by playing only one type of instrumental music. At the same time, Dr. Jagadish Pillai himself composed the tune and prepared a long song of 138 hours 41 minutes 20 seconds.

Colleagues helped with language pronunciation

According to Dr. Jagadish Pillai, since 2016, he was trying to break the record of the world’s longest song. Since Shri Ramcharitmanas is in Awadhi language, he took the help of his friend Pradeep Mishra to understand its pronunciation. After this another partner Deepak Jaiswal was contacted for recording. Deepak Jaiswal has also been awarded the Guinness Participation Certificate.

Many have recorded their names

Dr. Jagadish Pillai had registered the name of Varanasi in the Guinness Book of World Records for the first time in 2012. He broke the record of a Canadian in 2012 by making an animation movie in the shortest possible time. The work that the Canadian did in six hours, Dr. Pillai did in three and a half hours. After this, the second record was made from 16,300 postcards for the longest line of postcards. For the third time, under the Largest Poster Awareness Campaign and for the fourth time, under the Yoga Public Awareness Campaign, he had registered his name in the Guinness Record by making the longest envelope.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7GiUAzzRic)

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