Vastu Tips For Peaceful Life: Make these changes in the bedroom for peace in life, happiness will remain


Vastu Tips For Peaceful Life: Vastu Shastra is such a thing which is designed to create a balance between the five elements of nature i.e. earth, water, air, water and fire. Vastu Shastra is not a superstition as many people do not believe in Vastu. Lord Vishwakarma is also mentioned in our scriptures who creates many things according to Vastu Shastra.

In Vastu Shastra, Aakash refers to expansion, Agni means power ad fame which is related to south direction, Vayu refers to happiness and well-being and is related to east and north east direction, Jal means north direction which Represents spirituality and healing and finally the earth element is related to peace and harmony and it represents the center of space.

10 Vastu Tips for Bed Room

According to Vastu experts, the south-west corner of the house is best suited for the main bedroom.

Children’s bedroom should be in the northeast.

You should always use pleasant colors for your bedroom as it represents harmony, love and peace in a relationship. Avoid dark maroon or red, purple, violet colors for the bedroom as they can create tension.

Never put your ancestors picture in your bedroom, it brings bad luck.

Never put a mirrored dressing table in front of the bedroom as it can cause problems in relationships.

You can put Radha Krishna picture in your bedroom and avoid keeping other’s god picture there

Make sure your sleeping position is good. While sleeping, your head should always be towards south or east and feet should be towards west or north.

Never use dark blue or black bed sheet, it should be soothing like white, baby pink, peach, yellow, sky blue etc. According to Vastu dark colors can provoke negative emotions.

Do not keep any show piece like graveyard, it will bring negativity.

Decorate with fresh flowers as their fragrance brings positivity in the bedroom.

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