Viral Video: Patna’s school became an arena, kicking and punching between the female headmaster and the teacher


On Thursday, the headmistress and the teacher clashed with each other over a mutual dispute in the premises of the middle school located in Kaudiya Panchayat of Bihta block of Patna. There was fierce kicking and punching between the two, along with punches, they slammed each other on the ground. During this, the villagers present remained spectators and made a video and made it viral on social media. However, Prabhat Khabar does not confirm the viral video.

The fight started for installing the window

It is told that Kanti Kumari is working on the post of headmistress in Kaudiya panchayat status middle school. On the other hand, Anita Kumari is also working as a block teacher in the same school. According to the information received from the sources, on Thursday, both the teachers started having a tu-tu-me-me for installing the window of the school. After this, the matter got so heated that both the teachers clashed with each other and the school premises became a wrestling arena for some time.

Bihar Patna Bihta female head master and teacher fiercely kicked and punched: The arena became a temple of education in Patna, they beat each other in the field. Female head master and teacher clashed with each other in a government school located in Bihta, Patna . During this, there was a lot of kicking and punching between the two. The situation was like this… pic.twitter.com/WhTTHZHLt3

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kicked and punched

Teacher Anita Kumari, along with another female friend, threw the headmistress Kanti Kumari on the ground, kicked her and started beating her by holding her hair. Meanwhile, another woman also started beating Kanti Kumari with slippers and sticks. The women of the village standing nearby were seen rescuing both the teachers. But the teacher was not taking the name of leaving anyone. The fight that started inside the school reached outside.

Personal dispute between both teachers

Also, it is being told that the other woman is Anita Kumari’s mother. Who is a resident of Maner. Block Education Officer Navesh Kumar told that both the teachers have a personal dispute. The senior officers have been informed in this matter. Action will be taken on the directions of the senior officers.

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There was a fight five months back as well

Neetu Devi, the head of Kaudia Panchayat told that there was a fight between the two teachers in this school even five months ago. In this regard, the block education officer and the headman got the matter pacified by getting the panchayati done and a compromise was made. After that again this issue was seen today.

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