Vladimir Putin and Sergei Sobyanin inaugurate the Big Circle Metro Line in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin, together with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, on Wednesday, March 1, opened traffic on the Big Circle Line (BKL) of the Moscow metro. The Russian leader participated in the ceremony via video link. The mayor was present in person, he was at the Sokolniki metro station.

The President of Russia called the Big Circle Line a project necessary for the capital and noted that its implementation was made possible thanks to the work of Sergei Sobyanin. In addition, Putin promised to try to show the BCL to the Chinese delegation during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow. He also noted that the 70-kilometer ring line in its length overtook “the current leader – the ring line of the Beijing subway.”

Sergei Sobyanin, in turn, expressed his gratitude to the President of Russia and the builders of the subway, and then asked Putin to sign a new map of the Moscow subway.

“If possible, a big request is to sign a new metro scheme that has a full BKL ring. It will be a good memory of today’s event,” said the mayor of Moscow.

The President replied: “With pleasure!” – and left a signature on the map with a blue marker. After that, Sergei Sobyanin asked for permission from the head of state to launch the LCL.

“I allow it, with God!” Vladimir Putin gave the command.

The last nine BCL stations were put into operation: Maryina Roshcha, Rizhskaya, Sokolniki, Tekstilshchiki, Printers, Nagatinsky Zaton, Klenovy Boulevard, Kashirskaya and Varshavskaya.

The length of the big ring road exceeded 71 km. There are 31 stations on the BKL, you can change to any radial metro line twice: in the north and in the south of Moscow. From the first ring of the metro, the big ring is 10 km away and should unload it by at least 25%.

Earlier, on February 7, Sergei Sobyanin invited Vladimir Putin to open the Big Circle Line (BKL) of the capital’s metro. At the same time, the mayor added that the opening of the BCL would be a serious help for the transport system of the capital.

The construction of the last section of the BCL from Kashirskaya to Nizhegorodskaya was completed at the end of December 2022. After that, start-up and debugging work began.

In October, Alexei Bochkarev, deputy mayor of the capital for urban planning policy and construction, said that the opening of all stations of the Big Circle Line would reduce traffic congestion in Moscow by 10-15%.

In June, Bochkarev noted that trains of mainly Russian production would run on the BCL.

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