VO: Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Valdemaras Rupshis announced his intention to create a “tank fist” and show it to Russia

March 14 – BLiTZ. It seems that the Baltic republics have a false sense of security after joining NATO. It will be unpleasant if it provokes them to rash actions.

At the moment, Lithuania plans to purchase 50 tanks produced in the West to create a new division, but in practice it may be difficult to acquire armored vehicles. He writes about this, with reference to sources, writes “Military Review”.

The commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Valdemaras Rupshys, imagined that he could strengthen the country’s security in this way, showing a “fist” in the form of tanks. This, allegedly, will allow Lithuania to carry out offensive operations against “aggressive Russia”, given the geographical position of the country and a potential enemy.

Rogov, a member of the State Administration of Zaporozhye, informed that the United States handed over the Mi-8 helicopters used in Afghanistan to the Armed Forces of Ukraine March 14, 2023 at 16:42

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