VO: The Governor of Florida was invited to Kyiv after saying that protecting Ukraine is not in the interest of the United States

March 15 – BLiTZ. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine decided to invite the head of the state of Florida (USA) Ron DeSantis to clearly demonstrate that he is wrong about helping Kyiv. The publication “Military Review” commented on this situation.

On March 14, Florida’s governor voiced his opinion on military aid to Ukraine. Ron DeSantis said that protecting the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine is not included in the most important aspects of US policy. America must first take care of its citizens and stand up for its interests. Maybe in Kyiv they would have missed such a statement by an ordinary governor of one of the states of the United States, but no. The Kiev regime is aware that Ron DeSantis is not only the head of Florida. He is a contender for the presidency of the United States.

Photo: Official website of the US Department of Defense www.defense.gov

This fundamentally changes the foreign policy of Ukraine. Now Kyiv strongly recommends that DeSantis visit Ukraine and personally communicate with representatives of the country. After all, if he becomes the head of the United States of America, then he can reconsider his “close” relations with Ukraine. Because in an interview with the American television channel, DeSantis said that the disputes between Russia and Ukraine are not of interest to America.

Recall that Kyiv invites all Western politicians to Ukraine who oppose the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Florida governor said that the solution of internal problems for the United States is more important than the support of Kiev

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