VO: The positive balance in trade between China and the United States has grown, but US companies have begun to “move” investments to other countries

February 27 – BLiTZ. Not everything is so clear in trade between China and the United States. At times, the United States may appear to be favorable to the Chinese economy, but the numbers are stubborn and speak their statistical language.

A report was recently published showing that in 2022, the positive trade balance between China and the United States reached a record $877.6 billion, while direct investment increased by 8%, and amounted to about $190 billion. About this writes the publication “Military Review”.

However, the second half of 2022 led to a decrease in the activity of US companies in the Chinese economy, and the number of foreign companies investing in China is expected to decrease by 4%. In addition, almost a quarter of companies have decided to “shift” their investments to other countries, and no US company has the desire to invest more than $250 million in its business in the Chinese market in 2023. Despite this, China still leads the world in attracting global investment, but investment volumes have fallen to a five-year low in annual terms.

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